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How to Optimize Your Site for Search Without SEO

How to Optimize Your Site for Search Without Actually Doing SEO
Entrepreneur (blog)
Businesses, and even consultants, often do more damage than good when it comes tosearch engine optimization (SEO). Google's search algorithm is constantly evolving and getting better at what I call "SEO detection" -- the ability to detect artificial ...

Entrepreneur (blog)

Google Changes and Customer Engagement
Frequent updates to Google Penguin and Panda algorithms are forcing companies to rethink how to do search engine optimization (SEO). Weighting factors around content type, frequency, relevancy, and richness are surpassing traditional SEO rank ...

Evidence Mounts That Apple Blocked Google Apps From The App Store (GOOG ...
San Francisco Chronicle
Why would Apple reject a Google Maps app? There are plenty of mapping apps in the store, including several that use Google Maps APIs as the back end. There are numerous Google apps in the store, including the competes-with-Siri Google Voice Search.

Internet Marketing Agency Guides Clients Through Google Upheaval
The Google “EMD update” was designed by the search engine giant to eliminate or reduce low-value, spam-filled exact match domain websites. What are exact match domain websites? Any time a website's domain name is designed to match exactly the keywords ...

Google Panda Update: One Reportedly Happened On Monday
At the end of September / beginning of October, we saw Google announce a handful of updates, and eventually announce a Panda update about a week after it happened. According to Danny Sullivan atSearch Engine Land, Google confirmed that a Panda ...

Google Tests New Navigation: Lots Of Whitespace, No Sidebar Ads
Today, we've received tips, we've seen tweets, and we've even seen the changes ourselves: on Google's search engine results pages, the navigation which used to be on the left side has now been moved to the top. This includes Google's various search...


Google Search marketshare sees decline in UK
Digital Spy UK
Google. Microsoft's Bing has made gains of late, claiming second place with 5% of the UK market.... Google is the number one search engine in numerous territories, but it plays second fiddle to Baidu in China and Yandex in the Russian market. > Mobile ...

Can Google compete with the next generation of search engines?
Do you type in your bank's name to the Google search bar, or do you tap on your banking app to access your bank account? Increasingly, the answers to these questions do not involve a traditional search engine. As our lives become a bundle of digital ...


Confirmed: Google Moving Search Options Above Results
Search Engine Land
Google has just confirmed that all U.S. searchers will soon be getting the new interface — one that highly resembles Google's mobile search results pages. Options to search verticals like Images, News and Maps are moved from the left-side of the page ...

Search Engine Land

How to Deal With Panda, Penguin and Other Google Algorithm - CIO
Google named its new algorithm Penguin. Initially, it affected about 3.1 percent of English-language search queries, according to Search Engine Land. Penguin ...

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