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If you live in the US you often don't think about this--

Google search outside the US - Google Groups: "If you search from, the initial results pages will default to global. There might appear to be a preponderance of US content, but this probably reflects the volume of US content on the global web, rather than any bias on Google's part.. . . don't forget that ".com" domain names can be registered in any country, so the presence of .com results doesn't necessarily indicate US content. In fact, any bias in the search algorithm would take into account your location, either as detected by Google from your IP address, or as recorded by you in Search Settings. If you want to exclude global content, you have the option to filter only "Pages from the UK". . . . it would be nice to set local results as default from the search home page. However, there are a couple of workarounds which might help. Once you have performed a search from and selected "Pages from the UK", bookmark the results page and then always search from there rather than from the search home page. Alternatively, bookmark|countryGB for your searching."

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