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Google Adds 'Search As You Type' to Commerce Sites

Google Adds 'Search As You Type' to Commerce Sites
PC Magazine
Predictive search results, dubbed Google Instant, first rolled out across Google's main search engine in Sept. 2010. As the user types, search results pop up instantly below and change as the typing continues. Ideally, this helps users get to their ...

Search hits an all-time high in June, Google and Bing continue growth
With search activity building, marketers have more opportunities to reach audiences through SEO. Google's market share rose 0.1 percentage points to 66.8 percent of the total market, compared with 15.6 percent for Bing sites. The data includes only ...


Android 4.1's voice search not the same as Google Now
CNET (blog)
Over the last few weeks of covering Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Google's new Voice Actions interface, it's become clear to me that there's great confusion about what exactly Google Now is, and what it isn't. So let's start with the central thesis of ...

Google Earnings Will Shed More Light On Mobile Shift
Google will release its Q2 earnings on July 19. The company has been aggressively pursuing other avenues besides its core search advertising business to drive revenue growth in coming years. It is focusing primarily on its mobile and social businesses ...

Google Expands Ecommerce Search Feature to Smaller Merchants
Google is launching a new program for online merchants called "Search As You Type," previously only available as a feature for large merchants who use the enterprise-level "Google Commerce Search." The new pilot program is available to U.S.-based ...


Google Gives Etailers a Taste of Search as You Type
... to add Search as You Type results to their product search tools. Search as You Type works within a retailer's existing search system but adds Google's predictive text, spelling suggestions and product photos and information. ... Google positions ...

A Google Marketplace? New Google Shopping Is One Indicator
Search Engine Land
So you can imagine if a small business was getting 500 clicks per month from GoogleShopping, and now they bid around 40 cents per clicks, that's an added expense of $2400 per year to, in an industry where margins have been decreasing for years now ...

Search Engine Land

Google bringing Search As You Type to commerce sites
The era of typing in a search query and waiting for results is coming to an end. Google Instant, launched in September of 2010, made it unnecessary for users to finish typing a query before seeing the answer on a search results page. Now Google is ...

Google Goes Amazon-Like With Comparison Shopping
Marketing Vox News
Just six weeks ago, Google announced Google Shopping, an AdWords functionality aimed at helping online shoppers research and compare products (e.g., for features and prices), then connect directly with merchants to make their purchase: The kind of ...

ComScore: Google Dominates Internet Searches in June
Wall Street Journal
Google Inc. (GOOG) continued its easy dominance of the U.S. Internet-search market in June, but Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) saw its share inch up, according to market researcher comScore Inc. (SCOR). Google's U.S. market share rose 0.1 percentage points to ...

Data Indicates Google Continues to Dominate Search Market
Search Engine Journal
While Bing has been steadily increasing their market share percentage for the past two years, the Microsoft search engine cannot seem to gain market share at Google's expense. Instead, the Microsoft-powered searches, which include both Yahoo and Bing, ...

Google Engineer Ben Gomes On Knowledge Graph, A Database Of Everything
Fast Company
Bing and Yahoo both announced innovations in search earlier this year, and Googledoesn't intend to get left behind. Recently, the company has started talking about its "Knowledge Graph," a giant database that aims to collect information about every ...

Fast Company

Given up on Google? Not So Fast!
EcommerceBytes (blog)
Google is allowing online merchants to use its product-search feature on their ecommerce websites. The catch? Merchants must be advertising through GoogleAdWords (so the program is "free" as long as you're already sending ad moneyGoogle's way), ...

EcommerceBytes (blog)

Voice Assitant Shootout: Siri vs. S Voice vs. Google Voice Search
LAPTOP Magazine (blog)
We put Apple's Siri up against Samsung's S Voice and Google's Voice Search to see which is the best digital personal assistant.

LAPTOP Magazine (blog)

Research Shows Social Shares Impact Search Results
Business 2 Community
Social sharing influences search There's a new search sheriff in town. In the aftermath of the Panda/Penguin search algorithms, social shares are now more important than keywords. The data is proving it. In a recent comprehensive study of UK Google ...

Business 2 Community

Type 'Conway's Game of Life' on Google and See What Happens
If you Google the term, the right side of the page will begin to be overrun by cellular automoton, a.k.a. little blue boxes that flicker and spread out. A menu at the top right also lets you view the boxes without the search results and to pause the ...

Google Launches Free 'Search As You Type' Pilot for AdWords Customers
Marketing Pilgrim
Search As You Type uses Google's predictive suggestions and instant product results to enhance a merchant's existing website search functionality. When shoppers type a search query into a merchant's site, Search As You Type shows them product ...

How to Prepare Your Site for Google Shopping
Multichannel Merchant
Like it or not, Google owns the online search game. So when they announced the launch of a new pay to play model to replace their current free Google Product Search, it sent shockwaves through the ecommerce industry. Clearly this is huge news for all ...

Tech Q&A: Stop Google ads based on your searches
News & Observer
QUESTION: I recently did Google searches for dehumidifiers and for mantel clocks. Now, whenever I use Google to go to a website, I see ads for dehumidifiers and mantel clocks. Google has obviously tracked my searches and is targeting ads at me.

No SEO Ever Went Wrong By…
Search Engine Land
The problem we face is the new potential repercussions of old SEO shortcuts or “cheats.” I have always advocated that the smartest, best long-term strategy for a business branded website is to develop the site for the human reader, not the search engine.

Search Engine Land

SEARCH giant Google has its eye on our lounge rooms but what exactly is ...
Sydney Morning Herald
SEARCH giant Google has its eye on our lounge rooms but what exactly is Google TV? The Australian version of Google TV isn't a television, it's a set-top box. This little box doesn't even include TV tuners for watching live broadcasts. Instead, Google ...

Google Launches Campaign to Force Global Tolerance of Homosexuality
The New American
Search engine giant Google has announced the launch of a campaign aimed at forcing the global tolerance of homosexuality. by Dave Bohon.

Google Chrome OS 20 Update Now Available for Chromebooks
Support for Google Drive cloud storage and offline support of Google Docs are among the touted new features in the latest version of Google's Chrome OS release—dubbed Chrome OS 20—which the search company detailed in a July 12 blog post.

Google's zero-carbon quest
The search giant has an ambitious plan to achieve its goal: becoming the world's most energy-efficient company. By Brian Dumaine, senior editor-at-large. ... FORTUNE -- As the double-decker bus turns onto Charleston Road and starts winding through ...


Google's Search As You Type Tool Goes Retail
MediaPost Communications
Google began offering its Google Commerce Search product, Search As You Type, as a free, stand-alone feature. The service for retailers who are also AdWords advertisers supports for free up to 25 million searches per year on their Web site. Lowe's and ...

Conway's Game of Life On Google
Search Engine Roundtable
Search on Google for [conway's game of life] and you will find Google's latest Easter Egg. It is a geeky game that needs no intervention. It is actually known as ... The cellular automaton happens onGoogle as you see the search results. Here is a ...

Google Search As You Type gives retailer websites instant search ...
By Michael Gorman
Google's search engine and its almighty Omnibox in Chrome have given the public instant searchcapabilities for some time, and now Google's sharing that.

Google Search Market Share Better Than Ever In The U.S. ...
By Chris Crum
Google led the charge significantly, which should come as no surprise, but it just so happens thatGoogle achieved its highest number yet at 66.8%. Luckily for Microsoft, Bing also saw its highest yet. Naturally, Yahoo lost market share, falling to its lowest point ever – this according to Search Engine Land. Here are the comScore charts: ... Bing Social Search Doesn't Want to Assume That Your Friends Are Experts ... Google Panda Update: Matt Cutts Talks About Recovery. Google's Matt...

Are Your Google Search Results Getting You Passed Over For Jobs?
By glamazini
My Google Search “Footprint” is MASSIVE Recently a friend wrote me and asked me not to feature her on my Natural Nuances series as previously planned. When I asked why, she let me know that she had apparently been passed.

Google Launches SERP Menus
By Michael Fern
Yesterday afternoon I noticed that Google's search engine results page (SERP) included clickable menus for select websites. [1] Here is a screenshot: If you click on a menu item, it loads another group of links. In addition, it loads a bit.
Intigi Blog

WOW! Google is Still Growing! | Wall St. Cheat Sheet
By (Damien Hoffman)
Google further stretched its domination of the U.S. search market in June, growing its market share as competitors Yahoo and Microsoft continue to struggle make a dent. ... Microsoft has spent heavily on Bing, but still struggles to compete with Google in the search market. Earlier this month ... The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is currently investigating whether the company unfairly used its dominant search engine to promote its own services at the expense of rivals. Don't Miss: Will ...
Wall St. Cheat Sheet

Do A Google Search Only In Government Websites - Advocate's Studio
By Martha
If you want to do it yourself, you can create your own custom Google search engine and plug in the sites you want to troll when you want to get right to the point. According to ResearchBuzz, there used to be something called Uncle Sam ...
Advocate's Studio

Family Group May Attempt to Boycott Google Over - The Blaze
By Christopher Santarelli
Over the weekend, Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, the head of diversity for the search giant Google, made an official announcement at an LGBT professional summit in London: His company has launched a worldwide "Legalize Love" initiative to ... So now Google is going to endorse the gay pedophile lifestyle, glad I all ready removed their software from my computers, now will use a different search engine as well. ... I don't want to generate any revenue for Google or Microsoft (Bing). - Stories

Google Allows Users to Mute Display Ads - Search Engine Watch ...
By John Rampton
For customers who no longer want to see a certain display ad, [x] marks the spot. Google has announced a new icon, known as "mute this ad", for many ads appearing on the Google Display Network. To "mute" an ad, users can click on a small ...
Search Engine Watch - Latest

Missing Google Places – Google+ Local Images? Check for Dual ...
By Linda Buquet
Google Places – Google+ Local SEO Blog · Google Places Optimization · Home | Blog | Services | Contact Us ... As you see Google search is showing the images from the G+ Local page. BUT if you click one of the images from that search page, it takes you to her G+ Local page and as you see, the images are not displaying there. So the images are clearly attached to her page on the back end, because a click takes you to the page – they just don't show up. Here's another example.
Google Places - Google+ Local SEO Blog

Backlinks in GWT vs link: operator in Google search? Google SEO ...
backlinks in gwt vs link: operator in google search?

While Google remains the champion of the search market, a new report shows that Bing's share of the market is growing—at Google's expense.

Face Off: Hilarious Siri Vs. Google Search | App Judgment on Blip
And, it turns out Siri sure loves stallions. TechnoBuffalo's Siri vs Google Search http ...

Face Off: Hilarious Siri Vs. Google Search - AppJudgment
AppJudgment: Face Off: Hilarious Siri Vs. Google Search - Apple iPad Mini rumors are everywhere and the ultimate Siri versus Android Jelly Bean showdown!

Google Search Result Numbers – Bug Or Feature? | Ian Scott
Earlier, my business partner and I were messing around with an experimental script to help with obtaining some faster search engine results from Google.

Google Search vs Bing - The Battle Continues
Trying to figure out why anyone in their right mind would use Bing? Here's a quick comparison of the two services when it comes to straight searching.

Flickr: The Help Forum: Flickr Photos in Google Search
How does one photo make its way to the google search engine results or are they all ... Google and other search engines regularly run what is called a " Search ...

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