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Google 'Spring Cleaning' Continues With iGoogle Shutdown

Google 'Spring Cleaning' Continues With iGoogle Shutdown
PC Magazine
"With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for iGoogle has eroded over time, so we'll be winding it down," Matt Eichner, general manager of Google's global enterprisesearch, wrote in a blog post. Google will retire ...

Google Shutdowns Continue: iGoogle, Google Video, Google Mini & Others Are ...
Other services fading to black today include Google's Symbian Search App (bookmark, Google advises), Google Talk Chatback (a Google Talk widget for websites – Google says try its new acquisition Meebo instead) and GoogleMini, ...


Google Proposes Remedies To EU Antitrust Woes
The European Commission began its inquiry into how Google runs its search business in November 2010, following complaints from various online companies. In May, Almunia outlined four areas of concern and told Google that it had several weeks to ...

Google makes bid to dodge European antitrust fine
Fox News
Google chairman Eric Schmidt has submitted a proposal to European regulators in Brussels aimed at avoiding a showdown on the some of the Internet search leader's business practices.

New Google Voice Search, Siri are closely matched (hands-on)
Google's Android platform has woven in voice actions for some time, but it's only in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that Google has managed to bring voice commands to the forefront in a meaningful way. Mostly, by dressing up the voice search interface, and ...

Google "search by image" gets big overhaul
TG Daily
But how do you Google something like that? I mean, you can't just take a picture of something and run it through Google's algorithms, right? If you think I'm right, then you obviously don't know aboutGoogle's "search by image" feature. But don't feel ...

6 Ways Google Can Secure its Social Future
Social media has radically transformed the way we search, buy, and consume content online. Facebook has not only taken advantage of this, it's become the driving force behind the new social web. Google Wave, Google Buzz and Google+ were all Google ...

'Google Now's' Terrifying, Spine-Tingling, Bone-Chilling Insights Into Its Users
Google has come up with its own version of a smartphone personal assistant. Perhaps confirming Sam Biddle's accusation that Google “has no social skills,” the search giant hasn't given the assistant an endearing name or cutesy personality. Instead the ...

Google Makes Nice to EU
Google hopes to come to an early settlement with European regulators through a proposal to change its behavior in four areas of concern. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt sent a letter to antitrust commissioner Joaquin Almunia detailing his company's offer ...

Google's Nexus 7: Finally, an Android tablet worth owning (review)
Before the Nexus 7 was officially unveiled, I argued that we shouldn't expect anything truly revolutionary from a Google tablet — and I'm sticking to that. The Nexus 7 doesn't do anything new, it just does it better and cheaper than any 7-inch tablet ...


Google offers compromise on European antitrust probe
Google says it's moving to address four potential concerns raised by the European Union's competition watchdog, in an effort to avert a legal battle over its dominant market position. ... The four areas the Commission criticized were Google's ...

Apple Siri Versus Google Jelly Bean: Voice Search Showdown
Which one listens to you and delivers information better: Google's Jelly Bean on the Galaxy Nexus or Apple's iOS Siri voice search? We put them to the test.

Google Shopping: Preparing for Paid Listings
Practical Ecommerce
It's been a month of heated debate and speculation since Google announced its intention to phase out free listings on its comparison shopping engine, Google Product Search, and transition to paid listings built on Product Listing Ads for its new ...

Google+ Local app hits iPhone with voice search, Zagat ratings
Google Places has been rechristened Google+ Local and now offers both voice search and Zagat ratings with the latest update. Read this blog post by Lance Whitney on Webware.

Google offers compromise on European Commission investigation
BBC News
Google has written to the European competition commissioner proposing to change itssearch system to head off a legal battle over its market dominance. Chairman Eric Schmidt wrote to Joaquin Almunia offering to address the four areas of concern.

BBC News

Google brings itself to do something Microsoft never could: Compromise
Google is getting ready to strike a grand bargain with European - and then maybe American - regulators to avoid a legal knock-down, drag-out. Read this blog post by Charles Cooper on Internet & Media. ... Now it seems that Google is apparently willing ...

Google Shaman Explains Mysteries Of 'Compute Engine'
Wired News
Magnusson is the director of engineering for Compute Engine's sister service, Google App Engine, and over the past 18 months, as he spoke at various conferences and chatted with various software developers about Google's place in the world of cloud ...

Google “search by image” gets upgrade
Surely we've all experienced a time when we saw something – whether it was a landmark, an animal, a vehicle, etc – and wanted to find out more about it. But how do you Google something like that? I mean, you can't just take a picture of something and ...

Google Offers Proposals to European Antitrust Regulators
Google officials are under investigation in Europe, the United States and elsewhere regarding itssearch engine, which holds more than 60 percent of the search market, with Microsoft's Bing being a distant second. Competitors have claimed that Google ...

Google Search By Image Broken In IE9 But Adds Features
Search Engine Roundtable
Yesterday Google announced a few improvements to Google's Search By Image feature but at the same time, it doesn't work properly in Internet Explorer 9. The features include: Smarter best guesses: Where you upload an image and Google tries to be as ...

Search Engine Roundtable

Google seeks to calm European investigators
Boston Globe
Google, facing the prospect of formal antitrust charges stemming from an investigation in Europe into its search and advertising business, sent a letter Monday to European regulators in an effort to settle the case and avoid a lengthy and potentially ...

Google Sound Search widget tested
Does Google's new Sound Search widget get the job done?


How Google's Chief Innovator Sergey Brin Is Making Science Fiction Real
Who says innovation is dead in Silicon Valley? At a time when some pundits are questioning whether Silicon Valley's innovation engine is tapped out, web search titanGoogle offered a powerful display last week of why that's not the case.


Google aims to defuse European antitrust investigation with new proposal
Washington Post
Travel companies, such as Expedia and TripAdvisor, have complained that Google's direct links to airfares push down their results in searches, costing them customers. They have joined Microsoft, which runs the rival Bing search engine, in FairSearch ...

How exactly is Google offering to appease Europe?
In it, he is said to have responded to a number of questions about Google's behavior in the search market — offering what is described as a “settlement offer.” Sounds like a step forward, right? But hang on a minute: this is complicated stuff. So let ...


When Google And Apple Play Nice, Life Is Good
Take my Chromebook as an example: It's a MacBook Air. The reliability, lightness, nearly flawless Mac OS X is the perfect portal for the Chrome browser and its very underrated Web Store. It runs my life flawlessly — I use Google Drive, Voice, Maps ...


Google Search Shortcuts & Tricks: Basic Tips Everyone Should Know
Business 2 Community
With the millions of websites on the WWW, you know what you're searching for has to be out there somewhere, but no matter how many times you slightly vary or completely change your Google search query, Google doesn't return what you're looking for.

Google offers compromise to EU regulators to settle antitrust probe
One News Page
A letter from Google chairman Eric Schmidt is understood to contain the searchgiant's proposals addressing four areas in which Google has allegedly abused its dominant market position in search to gain a competitive advantage and stifle competition.

One News Page

Google Chrome's URL Search Bar Feature Is Not Working Properly
By Molly Oswaks
TheNextWeb is reporting a problem with Google Chrome's beloved URL bar search feature. The beauty of Chrome is that you don't need to open a tab and go to Google in order to searchsomething. It's already Google! It understands. Usually.

Watch Google Voice Search in Android Jelly Bean chew through ...
Watch Google Voice Search in Android Jelly Bean chew through oddball questions with flying colors. In the next of the new Google Voice Search video series we have the service asked more than 40 questions. which range from the mundane ...
Phone Arena - Latest News

Spring cleaning in summer | Official Google Blog
By A Googler
It's had a good run, but beginning July 31 we're discontinuing the product because its functionality can be better provided by products like Google Search Appliance, Google Site Search and GoogleCommerce Search. We will of course ...
Official Google Blog

Google Chrome searches redirecting to blank.html (Update: fixed ...
By Richard Lawler
In the thread, users suggest going into the settings menu, selecting "Manage Search Engines", adding a new search engine with the url (it can be named anything) and then making it the default as shown ...

Google's Voice Search vs. Apple's Siri, Who Do You Think Wins ...
By Macky Evangelista
Once Google launched its newly revamped Google Voice Search on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, we were bound to see many people pitting it against Apple's Siri to see how it fares against the competition. It is also important to note that Google's ...
Android News, Rumours, and Updates

Google Shopping Incites 2nd Amendment Row by Removing Guns ...
By Drew Bowling
Google announced back in May that Google Product Search will be replaced by Google Shopping, meaning a number of changes would be on the horizon for the Google's dedicated corner for online merchants. However, Google ... If you're an online merchant that will be affected by GoogleShopping's policy change, do you plan to try selling your products elsewhere (like Bing or eBay)? Do you think this is a .... Blekko Gets New Crawl Technology, Speeds Up SEO Data. Bleko gets a ...

Official Google Enterprise Blog: Gmail log search feature enhances ...
By Julia
Google Apps domain admins have access to a new tool – Gmail log search – that increases visibility into their email traffic. This feature in the Apps control panel allows domain admins to search through the Gmail delivery logs to investigate ...
Official Google Enterprise Blog

Google Now/Voice Search Tip: “Do a Barrel Roll” – Droid Life
By Kellex
Yep, they brought it to Google Now and the new Voice Search too. Cheers Nick and Derek! ...Pingback: Google's “Do A Barrel Roll” Easter Egg Now Spinning Jelly Bean Screens « IphoneAccessoires. Pingback: Google's “Do A Barrel Roll” ...
Droid Life

Google gives Search by Image a speed burst : News :: Brafton
By Joe Meloni
Previously, images of any kind offered minimal SEO value, which often meant they were left out of content marketing campaigns that aimed at driving search visibility on top of user engagement. However, improvements by Google to standard ...

Jelly Bean Voice Search + Google's Knowledge Graph - Ask Your ...
By Will Smith
Jelly Bean Voice Search + Google's Knowledge Graph - Ask Your Android Phone Anything. Voice recognition is only half the problem when it comes to voice search. By pairing Jelly Bean's voicesearch with Google's context-aware search ...

Is Google Actively Removing Your Blog From Search Results ...
By Dino Dogan
Google's policy on this is firm. They will shut you down for doing something like this, and many small sites have been permanently punished by Google. So what happened to BMW when they got discovered using this Black Hat SEO technique ...
Business 2 Community

Google replaces Google Places for iOS with Google+ Local, adds ...
By Mark Gurman
Last month, Google replaced their Google Places service with a new service called Google+ Local. The new service takes the best of Google Places and merges it with Google+'s business places feature. Today, Google has swapped their ...

Daniel Russell's awesome Google search techniques | LISNews:
Daniel Russell's awesome Google search techniques. There are plenty of Google search cheat sheets floating around. But it's not often you get to hear advice ...


Google Now: search based on time and location | The Verge
As part of its Android Jelly Bean update, Google has just announced GoogleNow — a ...

Flickr: The Help Forum: Google search
Hey everyone, how do I get to see the photos I upload to Flickr on a google search. Like if I type in "Disneyland" how come I can't see the pictures I added and ...

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