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Google's EU pact could help take off heat in US

Google's EU pact could help take off heat in US
Washington Post (blog)
E.U. Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia on Wednesday said he is seeking concessions on Google's global business practices that resolve concerns it is using its dominance in search to push forward in other businesses. Europe is well ahead of the ...

Google Search Adds Scientific Calculator to Repertoire
New Google calculatorGoogle launched a new feature that displays a scientific calculator as well as the results of your calculation. Previously, the search engine displayed the calculation and its answer. Microsoft's Bing still performs that way. Better yet, you ...

Google Search Finally Gets A Calculator
Back in the dark ages of Google Search, if you entered in an equation you'd get the answer in bold beneath the search bar. Now, in more enlightened times, Google has added a visual, functional calculator to its search results. Sitting right at the top of your ...


Google, EC likely to settle 'in coming months'
The investigation is limited to Google's search engine, he said, in response to a question about whether the inquiry had expanded to mobile and tablet systems. The Commission reserves the right to investigate Google for other antitrust issues in the future, ...

Google Calculator Now Gives You A Big Keyboard (Plus Voice Command)
Huffington Post
Admit it: You've been letting your old, clunky plastic calculator collect dust for years ever sinceGoogle built into its search bar the ability to add, subtract, and do all sorts of other fancy math. But Google, never content with any iteration of its products, is now ...

EU Seeking Global Remedy in Complaint Against Google
New York Times
Mr. Almunia emphasized that the investigation into Google's search practices was not limited to any particular platform. “Through your desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet or smartphone, if you go to the search engine, the problems are the same, or similar,” he ...

Report: Google, EU Make Progress on Antitrust Deal
PC Magazine
Google has reportedly reached a deal with European officials that would settle the agency's antitrust probe into the search giant. As reported by the Financial Times, Google has agreed to "the outlines of a settlement" proposed by the European Commission.

Google Adds Scientific Calculator to Search Results
PC Magazine
Google this week one-upped itself by adding a full 34-button scientific calculator to its search engine. When you type a mathematical equation like "2+2" into the search box, Google will now give you the answer in a spiffy new calculator. The handy tool also ...

EU regulators seek global concessions from Google
Google, whose search engine is used for around four-fifths of Internet searches in Europe, has been accused by rivals of abusing its dominant market position, and the European Commission said in May it was concerned about its alleged anti-competitive ...

Google adds calculator to search results
CNET (blog)
The company's search box will also still work. Prior to this addition, Google allowed users to type into its search any equation. The search engine would then spit out the answer. However, this is the first time that Google has displayed an actual calculator its ...

Google Search Gets a Cool, Useful Calculator
Before today, when you typed an equation into Google — say, “15 x 7″ — the answer (105, if you must know) would appear in bold above you actual search results. Now Google has gone one step further, giving you your answer on a virtual calculator.

Google Adds New 34-Button Scientific Calculator to Search Results
Luckily Google has just released a new scientific calculator. Go ahead and enter an equation into Google Search. Try 2+2. Now, instead of simply coming up with the answer, Google presents you with a full, 34-button scientific calculator. Sine, cosines ...


EU regulators warm up to Google's antitrust concessions
Google and EU antitrust regulators have agreed on the "outlines of a settlement" that could see the search giant avoid a fine that could set it back billions of dollars, says the Financial Times of London. google-antitrust-110723_370x278. Only days after the EU ...


Google Could Face More Antitrust Probes, EU's Almunia Says
Google Inc. (GOOG) (GOOG) may face further antitrust probes by the European Union, the bloc's competition chief said, even as the owner of the world's biggest search engine works to resolve an existing investigation. EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin ...

Google Now Points To Future Of Mobile
It's powered by Google's Knowledge Graph, unveiled a few months ago. As Google puts it, the Knowledge Graph creates connections between objects (entities) based on observed relationships and patterns -- observed, that is, through Google Search.

Google Gets Scientific, Adds A Voice-Enabled 34-Button Calculator To Desktop ...
Oh Google. Sometimes you're so awesome. Google search has long featured a built-in calculator function but a recent update added a fully functional 34-button scientific calculator. Previously, when a user entered, say, 2+2, Google would simply display the sum above thesearch result. Now, when that ... In addition to its dominant search engine, it offers a plethora of online tools and platforms including: Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and Google+, the company's extension into the social space. Most of its Web-based ...

Google search nerds out, adds full-button scientific calculator
Search is Google's bread and butter, so it stands to reason the company would want to cram in as much universal functionality to that unassuming text box as possible. After having integrated graphing capabilities this past Winter, the Mountain View gang's at it ...

Google Nears Settlement in Sweeping EU Antitrust Case
Windows IT Pro
Antitrust regulators in the European Union (EU) said on Tuesday that they had reached an “understanding” with Google that will likely lead to a settlement of the online advertising firm's antitrust investigation. The European Commission (EC) had previously taken the ... Google requires companies that display Google ads on their own websites to “obtain all or most of their requirements of searchadvertisements from Google, thus shutting out competing search advertising providers.” Advertiser lock-in. “Google imposes ...

Windows IT Pro

Google close to antitrust deal with European Commission
The Guardian
Google's search results on both desktop computers and mobile phones could see important changes for European users, after the European Commission said it had reached a good level of understanding with the search giant in its antitrust investigation.

The Guardian

Google's playbook won't work at Yahoo
FORTUNE -- As soon as Marissa Mayer was tapped to be Yahoo's CEO, speculation arose that she would bring ideas she learned at Google to Yahoo. But the idea that Mayer will follow the so-called Google model, which centers on search and then extends ...


Google's Partner Program Looks to Get More Businesses Into the Cloud
To help business clients discover all of Google's available cloud services, the search giant this week unveiled its new Google Cloud Platform Partner Program to bring consultants and vendors together to help customers learn how the cloud can help them.

Samsung disables Galaxy S3 Google local search function
BBC News
Samsung has disabled an advanced search function in an update to the international version of its flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone, following a patent dispute with Apple. Once the software is installed the phones no longer search contacts, apps and other ...

BBC News

Samsung Galaxy S3 update limits Google Search
Know Your Mobile (blog)
Samsung has updated the Galaxy S3's firmware following Google's patent dispute with Apple and it now has a 'dumbed down' search function. The update is being pushed over-the-air (OTA) with the version number XXBLG6, it's a 27MB download and while ...

Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay form new Washington lobbying group
Washington Post (blog)
Google's Schmidt defends the search engine at a Senate Hearing. (Bloomberg) Google, eBay, Amazon and Facebook are launching a lobbying group, The Internet Association, to try to raise their voice in Washington as federal officials focus their sights on ...

OVERNIGHT TECH: Google reportedly reaches settlement with EU
The Hill (blog)
The settlement could bode well for Google in the United States, where the Federal Trade Commission is conducting its own investigation into whether the search company is engaging in anti-competitive behavior. The core issue of both investigations is ...

Google “Reveals Index Secrets”: Charts Indexing of Your Site Over Time
Search Engine Land
In other words, if your site includes a lot of duplicate URLs (due to things like tracking parameters) and the pages include the canonical attribute or Google has otherwise identified and clustered those duplicate URLs, this count only includes that canonical version .... Closer To Giving You All Your Tweets, But Search Has A Long Way To Go; Report: Google Strikes Antitrust Deal With EU, Avoids Legal Battle; Politwoops: A Search Engine For Deleted Tweets From Policitians; Insanity: Google Sends New Link Warnings, ...

Google getting close to an antitrust settlement with the EU
Ars Technica
The European Commission announced on Tuesday that it had come to an understanding withGoogle that would permit a settlement without a court case. The EU has been investigatingGoogle since 2010, when European search companies began ...

Google and EU poised to settle antitrust investigation
The commission began investigating in November 2010 whether Google unfairly used its dominance in search to promote its other products. In May, it offered Google the option of making a "commitment decision" to change its practices rather than face fines.

Google Panda Alert: Data Refresh Starts Tonight - Search Engine ...
By Danny Goodwin
If the last few days haven't been chaotic enough for you, brace yourself for some more fun.Google announced tonight via Twitter that a "New data refresh of Panda starts rolling out tonight. ~1% of search results change enough to notice."
Search Engine Watch

Google Search now has a built-in calculator | Ubergizmo
By George Wong
Google may have the most popular search engine in the world, but that doesn't mean it can't stop adding new features to make it better. Well, it looks like Google's search engine can now be used as a calculator. Previously, [...]

Google adds 34-button scientific calculator to search results ...
By Jordan Kahn
As pointed out by a reader, Google recently updated the calculator search functionality, and it now provides a full HTML5 scientific calculator for these types of search queries. The features work with voice—except for on mobile devices, as they ...

TeacherLINK Blog!: Google Search Education
By Nathan Smith
Google Search Education: Empowering Digital Citizens: The new Google Search Education hub is a free site with materials for teachers to help their students learn skills to search the web, which connects students with the world's content and ...
TeacherLINK Blog!

EDITOR'S NOTEBOOK: A quick Google search is not the same as ...
By gordbowes
editorsnotebook. EDITOR'S NOTEBOOK: A quick Google search is not the same as actual reporting. Looked up my own name in Google the other night for the first time in a long time. Not surprisingly, it's mostly links to stories I've written.
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google search/linkedin help! - The Student Room
By number23
i have just deleted my linkedin account. yet, when i type my name on google, i can still see my whole linkedin profile, which i really dont want. how long untill this will be no longer visible, is there something i can do about it? thanks! Tweet ...
The Student Room

Google adds 34-button calculator to search results | The Verge
By Louis Goddard
According to an official Google Twitter account, the company began rolling out the latest stage, 3.9, of its Panda algorithm update last night, but it is not clear whether the addition of the calculator is connected. The calculator is one of a number ...
The Verge - All Posts

Google Authorship and Author Stats | Orbit Media Studios
By Andy Crestodina
Ever wondered why people's faces are appearing in Google search results? Have you wondered how you can get your own picture to appear there?It's all about authors. It's called GoogleAuthorship, and it's literally changing the face of ...
Orbit Media Studios

Google Panda Update: New Data Refresh Rolls Out | WebProNews
By Chris Crum
Google tweeted late last night that it has begun rolling out a new data refresh of the Pandaupdate. The refresh affects about 1% of search results in a noticeable way, according to the company. Follow @google. A Googler @google. New data ...
WebProNews » Google

Google Search's Maths Calculator is just Awesome!
By Arun Prabhudesai
Just Wow! Google search sometimes really surprises you with some awesome stuff. Google Search's newest feature, a maths calculator, is so awesome that you will be floored by its flexibility and utility. A user just needs to type in any.
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Google Panda 3.9 | - Affordable SEO
By admin
Home → SEO → Google Panda 3.9. facebook twitter linkedin stumbleupon ... Panda was initially introduced in February of 2011 and was designed to remove low-quality or thin content fromGoogle's search results. The last update to Panda ...

Why are Google so coy and evasive about age? | Desiderata
By John Carr
Under the old terms of service to use, for example, Google Search or YouTube in most of the UK you had to be 18. In Scotland it might have been 16. Seemingly in Nebraska and Alabama 19 is the contractual age, in Mississippi it is 21 and in ...

Calc.exe Is Dead, Long Live Google's Calculator
By Jamie Condliffe
Google's search-based calculator is a bit of a God-send when it comes to impromptu math, but now the Big G has gone and extended its functionality by rolling out a full-on, 34-button scientific calculator.

News Summary: Google search to fight crime - Yahoo! Finance
From Yahoo! Finance: CRIMESTOPPING: For the past few months, Google has been quietly turning its search capabilities to fighting criminals, as drug cartels, ...

Google Search Interface Now Sports Scientific Calcultor - How-To ...
Although you've long been able to punch simple calculations into Google–like 12 *100–now you can access a full scientific calculator right from the search ...

Google Search: What determines whether or not a phrase appears ...
Answer 1 of 2: Generally speaking, the phrases that show up are the most frequent ones used inGoogle searches by yourself and other users (if you're logged ...

Adblock Plus • View topic - HTTPS Google Search bypassing Google ...
With Firefox 14.0 released July 17, Google searches now use HTTPS by default. This apparently bypasses Google/Yandex Link Fix, and search results are back ...

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