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Google search for human traffickers, drug cartels

Google search for human traffickers, drug cartels
Drug cartels, money launderers and human traffickers run their sophisticated operations online -- and Google Ideas, Google Inc.'s think tank, is working with the Council on Foreign Relations and other organizations to look for ways to use technology to ...

News Summary: Google Search to Fight Crime
ABC News
News Summary: Google Search to Fight Crime.

Google's Wonder Woman could save Yahoo
She was a top executive at Google and Google's first female employee. She oversaw pretty much every Google service that's a common part of your life, including maps and search. Expect Mayer to breathe new life into Yahoo's services. Perhaps she can ...

Firefox 14 Encrypts Google Searches
PC Magazine
With Firefox 14, Mozilla will automatically encrypt searches conducted via Google's search enginein the browser's location bar, search box, or the right-click menu. The idea is to "protect your data from potentially prying eyes, like network ...

The Google search: Human trafficking and drug cartels
Summary: Google is not just about finding a good deal on an iPad or searching for cat videos - what if its technology could be used to hunt criminals?

Firefox 14 encrypts Google searches by default
ZDNet (blog)
We're excited to see this improvement in our upcoming releases now that we, with Google's help, have been able to provide our users a secure and responsive secure search," Mozilla explained.Google is currently the only search engine that allows ...

Google search for human traffickers, drug cartels
The Associated Press
By MARTHA MENDOZA, Associated Press – 1 minute ago. Forget videos of cute kittens or good deals on iPads. For the past few months, Google has been quietly turning its search capabilities to something far more challenging: criminals. Drug cartels, money ...

New Yahoo CEO is latest top Google executive to leave search company
Washington Post
In naming its new CEO, Yahoo became the latest tech company to lure top executives from Google. Here's a look at a few of them over the years:

Mozilla Releases Firefox 14.01 With Secure Google Search By Default
Threatpost (blog)
Mozilla has released Firefox 14.01, which includes better security indicators in the address bar and encrypted Google search by default.

Yahoo's Mayer Takes Google Product Prowess to Turnaround Bid
San Francisco Chronicle
Mayer, who became Google's 20th employee and its first female engineer, is credited with maintaining the company's Spartan home page for a decade and overseeing such products as Gmail,Google News, and image, book and product search. Yahoo's ...

Google declares war on free clicks
Google is an advertising company first and foremost, but the big revenue the company sees from ads is funding the rest of the company's efforts — eff. ... WordStream founder and chief technology officer Larry Kim says it's too early to decide whether ...

Kapow Software Joins Google Enterprise Partner Program
MarketWatch (press release)
With this new partnership, the company's Kapow Katalyst Application Integration Platform 9.0 extends the power of Google search technologies across the enterprise and helps customers get more value out of their Google enterprise search deployments.

Google's Marissa Mayer moving to Yahoo
Fox News
Marissa Mayer, who was employee number 20 at Google, will be Yahoo's next president and chief executive. Mayer, 37, is the reason that Google's search homepage is simple and white with just asearch bar. Recently, she was in charge of Google's location ...

Google's Marissa Mayer named Yahoo CEO
Many analysts viewed her most recent position as step down from her previous role as the Google's search product head. Mayer resigned from Google via telephone on Monday, according to a report in The New York Times. In addition to her role as CEO, she ...

Firefox 14 Now Encrypts Google Searches, But Search Terms Still Will “Leak” Out
Search Engine Land
Mozilla did say, “Google is currently the only search engine that allows Firefox to make your searches private, but we look forward to supporting additional searchengines with this feature in the future.” ... Search Engine Satisfaction Dips Slightly ...

Search Engine Land

Who is Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's new CEO?
Washington Post
Mayer comes to Yahoo after a 13-year career at Google. ... Mayer, 37, is well-known as Google's20th employee and its first female engineer. She's been at Google for 13 years and spent much of her career there heading up Google's search team. Loading.

Yahoo reportedly names Google's Mayer as CEO
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Yahoo Inc. (US:yhoo) on Monday named Google Inc. executive Marissa Mayer as its new chief executive, according to a report from the New York Times. Mayer, an engineer by training, was one of the first employees ever ...

Marissa Mayer: Meet Yahoo's New CEO
ABC News
So who is this woman who has both the tech community and Wall Street all giddy? Wait, who is Marissa Mayer again? Monday Marissa Mayer was the vice president of location and local services at Google. She was one of the search giant's top executives.

ABC News

Mozilla Firefox 14 Secures Google
At the top of the list of Firefox 14 security features is secured Google search. Now by default, Firefox will access Google search by way of an SSL encrypted HTTPS connection. "Enabling HTTPS for these searches shields our users from network ...

How Up To 85% Of Google Search Results Are Actually Paid Ads
Business Insider
Sponsored results frequently overwhelm Google search results, according to a study by Wordstream, a search marketing management company. Wordstream ... The adjustments to its algorithm, codenamed 'Panda' and 'Penguin,' penalized spam sites.Google has ...

Business Insider

Google makes new concessions to EU regulators: paper
He said Google's general search engine may unfairly favor other Google services and may have copied original material from other websites, such as travel and restaurant reviews, without their permission. He also said the company's advertising deals may ...

Google executive Marissa Mayer named Yahoo CEO
VOXXI (blog)
As a top executive at Google, Marissa Mayer played an instrumental role in developing many of the services that have tormented Yahoo. ... Optimized Yahoo CEO BaltGoogle executive Marissa Mayer named Yahoo CEO. In this Monday, April 19, 2010 file photo ...

VOXXI (blog)

Google Emerges as Mint for Tech Managers
Wall Street Journal
Founded in 1998, Google now has more than 33000 full-time employees and last year generated more than $39 billion in revenue from playing in areas as diverse as Websearch, sophisticated online-advertising tools, its Android mobile operating system and...

Wall Street Journal

As Mayer takes reins at Yahoo, what's her first order of business?
Christian Science Monitor
7, 2009, file photo, Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products and User Experience forGoogle, speaks in Mountain View, Calif. Yahoo announced Monday, July 16, 2012, it is hiring Mayer to be its next CEO, the fifth in five years as the company struggles to ...

Christian Science Monitor

Google goes private in new Firefox
Today's release of Firefox 14 will make sure no one can spy on your Google searches. Meanwhile, the location bar just got a tad easier to use. Read this blog post by Seth Rosenblatt on Business Tech.

New Yahoo CEO is Google's Marissa Mayer - and she's pregnant
New York Daily News
Not only did Marissa Mayer, the 37-year-old Google vice president, start a high-profile new role as the CEO of Yahoo on Tuesday, she also announced Monday she is six months pregnant with her first child. ... Now a celebrity in the tech community, Mayer...

New York Daily News

Are Google Ads Winning? An Data-Filled Infographic
Search Engine Journal
Have you noticed all the paid listings and PPC ads that are taking over your Google search results pages? WordStream has as well; a quote from ... Melissa is the Managing Editor of Search EngineJournal & owner of SEO Aware, LLC. Her specialty is the ...

Improve your WordPress search results with a Google custom ...
By bmoss
With a Google Custom Search Engine, you replace the substandard WordPress search with all the searching power of Google, but limited to your own website, so that your visitors will always get the best possible results when they perform a ...
Webdesigner Depot

How Up To 85% Of Google Search Results Are Actually Paid Ads ...
By Jim Edwards
Did you know that Google was waging a 'war on free clicks'? You do now: two thirds of shoppingsearch clicks end up on ads, not Paid ads increasingly dominate Google's results pages. About half of people can't tell the difference between ...
Business Insider

Google searches for criminals in bid to reduce global crime - Engadget
By James Trew
Google searches for criminals in bid to reduce global crime. Google's pretty much aced searching for your latest whim, so now it's turning its efforts to criminals. Working with the Council on Foreign Relations, the internet giant has been ...

Google turns its search to criminals
By Martha Mendoza Associated Press Forget videos of cute kittens or good deals on iPads. For the past few months, Google has been quietly turning its search capabilities to something far more.
PoliceOne Daily News

Create a Custom Search Engine for Low-Bandwidth, Text-Only Sites
By Kevin Purdy
Bookmark that URL with the proper site filled in for , or, if you're using Chrome, create a custom search engine for stripped-down pages (similar to the search that turns off GoogleInstant, another bandwidth-saving idea).
Lifehacker: Google

[Video] Google (Voice) Search beats Siri, once again | Android ...
By Zack Nebbaki -
Forget about S-Voice because Google Search is here to take on Apple's Siri. If you enjoyed the previous video, you'll probably like this one. While a lot of people out there, including my own brother, swear by Apple and its voice assistant, I got ...
Android Headlines

Firefox 14 rolls out: Google searches default to HTTPS, OS X Lion ...
By News Reporter
Firefox 14 rolls out: Google searches default to HTTPS, OS X Lion users get fullscree. The changes in Firefox 14 may not be quite as immediately noticeable as those in the recently released Firefox 13, but they're still fairly notable nonetheless.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare...

Local Citations: Another Signal Being Devalued by Google ...
By (Mike Wilton)
SEO Geekery. RDFa: The Inside Story from Best Buy. An Interview with Jay Myers Late last year, I approached Jay Myers, Lead Development Engineer for Best Buy, and asked him... Google Rankings and LDA. The new LSI for 3rd Generation ...
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Yahoo swoops for Google exec in search for CEO - ProactiveInvestors
Tech giant Yahoo snapped up a top exec from big rival Google as its new chief executive yesterday. Marissa Mayer will take the reins as of today in a bid to revive Yahoo, which has struggled to keep up with fellow internet heavyweights ...
Proactiveinvestors USA & Canada website

Google Executive Marissa Mayer Named New Yahoo CEO | Search ...
By David Angotti
The company is undoubtedly hoping that Mayer, who is Yahoo's third chief executive in under a year, can help recapture some of the search engine's lost market share. Since the majority of industry analysts and insiders were predicting the job ...
Search Engine Journal

Google's Marissa Mayer named Yahoo CEO
By admin
Marissa Mayer, a and one of the first two dozen employees at the search giant, will take the reins of the struggling Yahoo on Tuesday. Mayer held many jobs in her 14 years at Google and most recently served as vice president of location and ...
Rolling Out - Black News, Celebrity...

Now, Google's Search As You Type Is A Standalone Product ...
Google announced that it is now offering the Search As You Type feature from Google ...

Firefox 14 Supports Secure Google Searches, OS X Full Screen ...
Mozilla just dropped Firefox 14, which isn't a huge update but comes with some nice security features. Now, all your Google searches are encrypted with HTTPS ...

AOL On - Face Off: Hilarious Siri Vs Google Search
Apple iPad Mini rumors are everywhere and the ultimate Siri versus Android Jelly Bean showdown! And, it turns out Siri sure loves stallions.

Google Search and Google Now - Today's new features presage the ...
View images and photos in CNET's Today's new features presage the future Google - Android 4.1'sGoogle Search App perches atop Google Now information ...

News Summary: Google search to fight crime - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: CRIMESTOPPING: For the past few months, Google has been quietly turning its search capabilities to fighting criminals, as drug cartels, ...

Google search for human traffickers, drug cartels - One News Page
Google search for human traffickers, drug cartels ♢ Forget videos of cute kittens or good deals on iPads. For the past few months, Google has been quietly ...

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