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Google Logo Celebrates 150th Birthday of Austrian Erotica Artist

Gustav Klimt Google Logo Celebrates 150th Birthday of Austrian Erotica Artist
Search Engine Watch
Clicking on the image leads to a search results page for Gustav Klimt. Interestingly, the original painting is square; Google has built the image out to a rectangular shape, carrying the lines of the grass and flowers, as well as the background, onto a ...

Google Seeks Settlement In European Antitrust Case (NASDAQ: GOOG)
Jags Report
Google has been facing formal antitrust charges in Europe regarding an investigation into its searchand advertising business. The European commissioner JoaquĆ­n Almunia said that Google might have abused its dominance in the Internet search market by ...

Google Nexus 7 Mostly Sold Out: When & Where to Get It
Google Nexus 7, the search giant's first foray into an increasingly crowded and competitive tablet market, hit U.S. stores on Friday, July 13. The tablet is off to a very promising start, as retailers have already run out of the gadgets in the face of ...


Reader Voices: An unconventional family search
Deseret News
Finally, he resorted to various Internet Google searches. In one, an entry from a professional book of mine (housed in the Library of Congress) was cited. It mentioned the unique experience of Syrian Ibraham John Ekery's Orthodox Christian family and ...

You can stop Google's personalization of ads
Arizona Daily Star
A: Google is definitely tracking your searches as a means of aiming advertising at you. And, withGoogle's new combined privacy policy for its various services, the problem could get worse. You may also get advertisements based on your Google searches ...

Up Too Early: Google Streetview fashion critique from West Lynn Street (part 2)
Austin Chronicle (blog)
Google Streetview fashion critique from West Lynn Street (part 2) ... Up Too Early.Google Streetview fashion critique from Inner Campus Drive. LuvDoc, Fri., July 13, 2012. Up Too Early. Google Streetview fashion critique from West 38th Street. LuvDoc...

Austin Chronicle (blog)

Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint Ditches Universal Search – Security Update ...
According to several user reports, a "security update" left Samsung Galaxy S3 owners on Sprint without the universal search feature from Android. Following the update, the home screen only returns results from Google Search. The universal search ...


Microsoft: Bing results 'more relevant' than Google's - Tech News Today
San Francisco Luxury News
SHAREANDDISCUSS Microsoft stated that Bing, its own search engine, provides 'more relevant' results as compared to Google, the m.

Blekko Launches ROCKZi, a Social News Site to Complement Its Search Engine
The search engine Blekko just launched ROCKZi, a visually compelling way to consume and interact with the fresh content that users care about the most. After selecting the category that you want to read (Geekery, The BiZ, Glitterati…), you are ...

Google posts Jelly Bean's changelog, details every feature
Well Google's just posted the changelog for Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean, breaking down every new feature in an easy to digest format, Engadget reports. Google Now and the new and improved Voice Search are present and correct, but it also goes over...


Ad Targeting Is Hard
He previously worked on infrastructure and revenue engineering at Twitter, and before that on searchand ad engineering at Google for eight years. Microsoft recently announced that it's taking a huge $6.2 Billion writedown over the failed aQuantive ...

Useful Android Jelly Bean new features & changes list
Phones Review
The first device to launch running on Jelly Bean, the Google Nexus 7 tablet, has just arrived and while you're waiting to get your own taste of the OS upgrade we have news of a really useful Android Jelly Bean new features and changes list. The Google ...

Phones Review

China censorship's end predicted
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Technology and information penetration in China will eventually force the Great Firewall of China to crumble and even lead to the political opening of the Chinese system, according to GoogleChairman Eric Schmidt.

Google Faces New Patent Claim Over Mobile Chrome Browser
The Droid Guy
Google is facing another lawsuit filed by EMG Technology on July 10th in a Texas district court with the request of banning the distribution of Google Chrome for Mobile as well as award damages that this virtual entity may have caused. ... In a ...

The Droid Guy

Google Nexus 7 Selling Out in First Weekend; Costs $152 to Make 8GB
Franchise Herald
The Google Nexus 7 is selling out fast at several retail outlets in its first weekend of nationwide release, with some retailers already reporting that the 7-inch Android tablet is out of stock and that they are have troubles filling orders.

Franchise Herald

Why Google and Microsoft want to be Apple-fied
Economic Times
Microsoft and Google are acknowledging something big via Surface and Nexus 7: iPad-imitation 2.0.... Now with the co-branded tablet, the first with its Jelly Bean OS, it has dug deeper, changing the character of the search-engine company. The best ...

Gustav Klimt's work "The Kiss" featured in Google doodle
Los Angeles Times
Google gave a gilded nod to the 150th birthday of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt on Saturday with a Google doodle interpreting one of the symbolist painter's most famous works.

Los Angeles Times

In Vast Effort, FDA Spied on E-Mails of Its Own Scientists
New York Times
The researcher did Google searches for scientists involved in the case to check for negative publicity that might hinder chances of finding work. Within a few minutes, the researcher stumbled upon the database. “I couldn't believe what I was seeing ...

Google Takeout introduces transfer tool for Google+ circles, merges your work ...
Folks saddled with a Google+ profile for both their personal Gmail account and their organization'sGoogle Apps account can now migrate circles, blocks and other information from one account to another using Google Takeout. The new tool won't eliminate ...

Design a theme for Google Chrome
Google Chrome has grown rapidly to become one of the most popular web browsers. One reason for this is that it is highly customisable and there are loads of free add-ons that let you change the way it works, add features, extra security and so on ...

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Release Date Stock Sold Out: Where to Buy Yours ...
New York's Adorama store announced through its Twitter account on Friday that their stock of Google Nexus 7 Tablets had sold out, and that it was shipping its stock based on orders received. The store's next batch of Google tablets are not expected to...


Google posts Android 4.1 Jelly Bean's changelog, explores its latest dessert ...
We've certainly delved into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean's new features, but Google itself is just now giving us a full exploration of its update's sugar-laden. ... Apple lands preliminary ban against Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US (update: search patent the ...

Google delivers results in new Nexus tablet
Cape Cod Times (subscription)
Tired of watching in frustration as its popular Android mobile operating system failed to make much of a dent in the tablet market, Google is stepping in next week with an Android tablet it helped design. It's the Nexus 7, a $199 model with a 7-inch ...

Yahoo: Earnings Preview
Seeking Alpha
Though Yahoo remains one of the biggest Internet names and has a position in online search, it has been up against strong competition in search from arch rival Google for some time now. Though in the first quarter, search revenue increased sequentially ...
Google Search Engine Placement | Apologetics Search Engine
Thus, before one consults a specialist in Search Engine Optimization, it is important that one understands some Google 101 and Google Webmaster Guidelines. The Googlebot (also known as a robor, bot or spider) is responsible for searching ...
Apologetics Search Engine

Google Search Appliance overview | Digital Supply Chain ...
By staff
Google Search For Business News and more. The Google Search Appliance (GSA) brings fast, relevant search to your.
Digital Supply Chain Distribution

What Business Owners Should Know About The Updated Google ...
By May Anne Fraser
So far as search engine optimisation or SEO is concerned, the main thing to note on these recent modifications is the Google Panda update (for the complete update on the new alterations, please refer to the Official Google Blog).
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10 Google Features for Slow Internet Connections
By Alex Chitu
The old Google image search interface is better for slow connections, but you should bookmark this URL to use it. Unfortunately, you can't switch to the old interface and the "switch to basic version" is placed at the bottom of the page in the ...
Google Operating System

Google Maps Mania: The Google Maps of the Week
By Keir Clarke
Lovely uses a the familiar Google Maps interface to allow users to search by location, price and number of bedrooms (you can also choose to filter the results to show only those apartments that allow cats and / or dogs). The results of an ...
Google Maps Mania

Hospitality Industry Social Media Advertising Agency Organic Search
By Israel Rothman
What we do is 'social media advertising agency', not traditional SEO: and that is why it works: This is his report from Google analytic three months after a redo of his website in specially optimized, social media enabled WordPress, and sponsorship of the ... We are the only real social media advertising agency in the world; we can create organic rankings for you for any search, without any spam or SEO tricks; without breaking any search engine or social network rules.
3net Search Engine Marketing...

Is Google becoming a hardware company?
By Christian Zibreg
Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, an annual retreat Apple CEO Tim Cook also attended, that it was always Google's. . . .

Misuse of Google Search Engine - Google Product Forums
Misuse of Google Search Engine, deepak IT, 7/14/12 2:07 AM, DAPL/IT/ July 14, 2012 M/sGoogle India Re: Misuse of Google Search Engine Dear Sir, We are ...

Google Search As You Type gives retailer websites ... - Engadget
Google's search engine and its almighty Omnibox in Chrome have given the public instant searchcapabilities for some time, and now Google's sharing that ...

New Google Search Is Still Growing – Stephen's Lighthouse ... chart of the day, average number of searches per day on Google, july 2012 ...

Google to discontinue Mini search appliance, iGoogle, other products
Since last year, the company has been trimming its product list to eliminate obsolete, redundant and unpopular products.

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