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Google Now Better Than Apple's Siri

Google Now Better Than Siri - Business Insider: "And Google Now is fast. I spoke with Hugo Barra, Google's Android product boss, the other day, and he told me the Google Now team spent months shaving seconds off the response time. It shows. Not only is Google Now better than Siri at pulling up relevant information, but it's also nearly instantaneous.  Compare that speed to Siri. Depending on how well Apple's servers are doing on a given day, it can take several painful seconds for Siri to pull up an answer. Google Now is exactly what I want in a virtual assistant. I don't need cutesy jokes and quips about which smartphone is the best. I need answers. And Google Now provides me with the answers I want. The end. (Sometimes I don't even have to ask. Google Now just knows what I need. Incredible.) "

Munster: Google Beats Apple's Siri for Accurate Answering
PC Magazine
As for Google, the search engine was able to answer his (typed-in) queries 86 percent of the time. "In order to become a viable mobile search alternative," wrote Munster in a research note published Friday, "Siri must match or surpass Google's accuracy ...

IMP Advertising, San Ramon's Premier Internet Advertising, Online and Social ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
IMP Advertising, San Ramon's Premier Internet Advertising, Online and Social Media Marketing Company Breaks Down Google's New Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools. Innovative Media Planners of San Ramon, California specializes in internet ...

San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

Increase YouTube Views with the Expert Help of Digital Marketer, Says Online ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
The article said they'll be considered experts when their videos show up first inGoogle searches, and especially so when they can answer company questions with “Check out my video on YouTube!” “YouTube Google Hack” provides information on ...

San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

How to keep a true aim on the moving target of SEO
Smart Business Network
Caffeine, panda and penguin are terms that seem unrelated to most businesses, but for digital marketers they have induced flurries of action and emotions ranging from pride to panic. These are the code names given in the past few ... Each update ...

Google's new products aim to grab attention
Gainesville Sun
The reality is that this upgrade features some nice enhancements, including a Siri look-a-like, major upgrades to the Google search system and the notification center, among other things. Jelly Bean is great if you're buying a new Android or already ...

Doodle 4 Google contest: Doodles are a trip in time for two young artists
Fayetteville Observer
The young artist is one of two local students - along with 18-year-old Angel Reynolds of Angier - whose illustrations were chosen as state finalists in the national Doodle 4 Google contest. AGoogle "doodle" sometimes appears on the search engine's ...

Google Launches Compute Engine To Challenge Amazon
While the Nexus 7 tablet and other Android related announcements were the major focus atGoogle I/O 2012, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) also made other interesting announcements related to its not-as-glamorous services. The search giant has added a ...

Google Chrome browser for iPhone, iPad a big hit: available on App Store
Northern Voices Online (blog)
Google has developed its Chrome browser for iPhone and iPad with the capability for fast websearch. Well, “you can search and navigate fast, directly from the same box and choose from results that appear as you type,” Google says on App Store. Indeed ...

Santa Cruz gets Google close-up; city one of 14 regions mapped in 3-D
San Jose Mercury News
The Santa Cruz Beach-Boardwalk stands alongside the Roman Colosseum and San Francisco's TransAmerica Building in a virtual, three-dimensional world created by Google. Thesearch engine giant - which has evolved into a kind of high-tech toy factory ...

Google's New Tablet
Google unveils their new tablet computer. ... at 4:33 PM PDT. The name of the new seven-inch tablet Google has introduced: the Nexus 7. Along with a high resolution screen and front facing camera, the Nexus 7 will also offer features such as voicesearch.


Google Analytics For Mobile Apps Hits Beta, App Developers Cheer
For the uninitiated, analytics is basically a breakdown of a site's traffic, with dishy details like how many visitors it gets, which webpages they're looking at, whether they stick around for a bit or bounce right out, how they're finding the site ...

This Week in Tablets: Google's Android tablet is the Nexus 7
It's nice to have a monolithic search engine business to fall back on, that's for sure. This is a good thing because, while I still believe Android tablets will sell in massive numbers, the Nexus 7 will not. Google will be fortunate if it sells 10 ...


Study: Apple's Siri is wrong over one third of the time
According to Munster, Apple relies on Google significantly for responses supplied by Siri. The specific breakdown of Siri responses includes sixty percent of the information from Google's search engine, twenty percent from review site Yelp, fourteen ...

[Download] "What's This Song?" Sound Search Widget From Jelly Bean (No ...
Android Police
One of the new features that ships with Jelly Bean is Google's Sound Search widget that helps identify songs after listening to short samples. If you've ev... by Artem Russakovskii in Applications, Jelly Bean 4.1, News.

What happened two years ago today?
When the acquisition was announced, Google produced a chart outlining what it considered to be the travel ecosystem, illustrating that it would have plenty of competitors in travel search and regulators shouldn't be worried that it would take a...


Google's Nexus 7 tablet could put out the Fire
Google Now: An addition to Google's all-encompassing search, Now will pay attention to what you do and where you go, and as it learns more about you, it's going to offer help along the way. As it learns that I take Route 65 for my commute to work, it ...

Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives
It works under the same basic principles, and you do have to be approved to join, but once you have been let in – which isn't all that hard – you will be presented with essentially the same options and abilities as what Google provides. You can also ...

iPhone 4S Siri vs Android Voice Is Like Adele vs Chuck Norris (CNET)
iPhone 4S Siri vs Google Voice search app.

Five awesome Google Easter eggs
Deccan Chronicle
Google is by far my favourite company — they create awesome products, make most of them available for free and tend to have a sense of humour. It's no surprise that there are many interesting tricks built into the Google source-code. Zerg Rush Type ...

Google Releases Chrome For Mobile, Tops Apple's Top Free Apps
Google officially launched their Chrome for Mobile on Friday (June 29), including versions for both the iPhone and iPad and its already become the #1 free app in the App Store.

Siri still not up to par with Google says analyst
Network World
"In order to become a viable mobile search alternative," Munster wrote in a research note to clients, "Siri must match or surpass Google's accuracy of B+ and move from a grade D to a B or higher." Ouch, a D is not a solid vote of confidence for Siri ...

What Makes a Good Website – Part Four – SEO
Business 2 Community
This is called search engine optimization or SEO. Whether ... The more keywords you have in your content, the better chances you have of getting a favorable listing in Google, within reason. ...The people at Google (and Bing for that matter) are very ...

Google celebrates Canada Day with doodle
MetroNews Canada
Jon Wiley and Micheal Lopez A Canadian-inspired Google doodle is shown in this undated handout image. The logo, created by Google employee Willie Real, will appear on the homepage for Canada Day. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO ...

Google Analytics Focuses on Mobile App Tracking
Social Barrel
Google Analytics will have several reports, of which one set will revolve around gauging new and active users of a particular app, the various versions and the devices installed on, including how consumers find the app at the Google Play Store ...

Social Barrel

Is It Not Time Ghana Did A Deal With Google?
It made me wonder whether Ghana could not benefit from a private public partnership (PPP) deal with Google - to leverage the search giant's street-mapping expertise. One result of such a PPP, would be to make satellite navigation nationwide possible in ...

Google Nexus 10 In The Works, Say Rumors
Eastern Morning Herald
Could Google be working on a larger, 10-inch sequel that could be the search engine specialist's answer to the Apple iPad? Digitimes, a Taiwanese tech blog known for their fascinating (if sometimes inaccurate) rumors about suppliers and business ...

Eastern Morning Herald

Google Chrome for iOS (iPad) review
All Touch Tablet
In time Chrome started to become slower, more bloated, crashes more frequently, but it's still the best browser because you can sync it with your Google Account, which can store bookmarks, browsing history, passwords and opened tabs. All of this data ...

All Touch Tablet

How to Use Google Voice Search From Anywhere on Your iPhone
By iPhoneHacks
If you're a fan of Google's Voice Search then there're cool ways to invoke it on your jailbroken iPhone. While the "Just Talk" feature in the Google Search app is quite cool, you have to exit the current app and launch the Google Search app for it ...
iPhone Hacks | iPad, iPod Touch...

Google Sound Search from Jelly Bean available now for all ICS ...
By Robert Nazarian
Google added a new widget called Sound Search to Jelly Bean, and it will tell you the name of the song you're listening too much like Shazam and Soundhound, but with one minor difference. It links to to the Google Play Music Store where ...
Android News, Rumours, and Updates

Siri vs. Google Search | This Is Awesome
By pallian
Made awesome on July 1st, 2012 ˑ. Looks like Siri's got some serious new competition: Related awesomeness to explore: How Google Improves Its Search Algorithm · Siri Argument · Psycho Siri · Siri Cover of Notorious B.I.G's Hypnotize ...
This Is Awesome

Google and Paid Search Results : Beyond Search
By Stephen E. Arnold
The company has recently begun accepting payments from companies for inclusion in some of its newest search products, such as Google Hotel Finder and Google Flight Search. Google seems to be taking payment from those desiring to be ...
Beyond Search

Unleash Google® Search to Find Most Open, Posted Jobs ...
By Personal Branding Blog
In this blog, I am going to share yet another “secret,” and this one deals with how you can quickly and very easily use the tremendous search power of Google® to find ALL (or at least most) open jobs in today's job market. (I say most jobs ...
Business 2 Community

Apple's Siri vs Google Voice Search in 'Jelly Bean' |
By doobybrain
Apple's Siri vs Google Voice Search in 'Jelly Bean'. July 1, 2012 @ 10:57 am. Man, I very much prefer the voice on Google's Android. Plus it seems to be faster in many of the voice searches. Share this: ...

Google Doodle with Paint Splashes: Creative Photo Project ...
By PictureCorrect Contributor
If you've never heard of Atlanta based photographer, Alex Koloskov, you may want to do a quickGoogle search of him. In terms of thinking outside of the box, Koloskov basically epitomizes it. Watching him perform his art during a commercial ...
PictureCorrect Photography Tips

Grim's Hall: Google fu
By Texan99
One of my favorites is a short article stuffed with tips for Google searches. If you've ever worked as a lawyer or paralegal, you probably know a lot of tricks for searches in sites like Lexis or Westlaw that permit you to search for X but not Y, or X ...
Grim's Hall

Google Voice Search Beats Apple's Siri | Mobile Tech Blog by appsplit
By Solon Harmony Dolor
The most obvious contender to Siri is Google Voice Search. Now a test by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has found out that Google Voice Search smokes Siri, so much so in fact that he says Siri may need more than two years to become a ...
Mobile Tech Blog by appsplit

Apple's Siri wrong 38 percent of the time in test
In a test by analysts Piper Jaffray on a busy Minneapolis street, Apple's Siri managed to performsearches correctly 62 percent of the time. Oddly, Google's voice assistant was right 86 percent. Read this blog post by Chris Matyszczyk on Technically ...

iOS 6 Siri compared to Jelly Bean Google Search: video
Phones Review
As you probably know, when it comes to new things in the mobile space sooner or later it gets compared to Apple's offering, and you probably know that with iOS 6, Apple's voice assistant Siri gets improved, and we've already seen Siri compared with S ...

Phones Review

Google Nexus Q Marks Search Giant's Plunge into Gadgets (and Our Living Room)
Google's romance with gadgets continues. The search giant proved once again, at its annual developer's conference, that it has several aces up its sleeve to rout competition. Following the Nexus 7 launch, the conference heralded many firsts in the ...


Is Google Planning a 10-inch Slate? Evidence Says Yes
Hot Hardware
As was long rumored to be the case, Google's Nexus 7 tablet is real, as confirmed and unveiled by the sultan of search at the Google I/O conference this week. Given the device's size and spec sheet, it seems clear Google is going after the same market ...

Hot Hardware

Apple's Siri vs. Google Search Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Voice Assistant
Google has called part of their voice & virtual assistant product Google Now. While some reviewers have associated the Google search with Google Now, we are pretty sure from viewing the Google I/O presentation these are two different things. If you ...

Nexus 7 Review
Google has made it official: the search giant launched the Nexus 7, a powerful and affordable 7-inch tablet running the new Android Jelly Bean 4.1 operating system, powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 SoC (system-on-chip) and made by ASUS. The highly [...]


Report: FTC Probing Google's Motorola Over Patent Abuse
PC Magazine
The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly investigating Google over patent abuse charges against Motorola Mobility, which the search giant now owns.

Apple's Siri gets too many search requests wrong, study shows
... technology gets a "D" for accuracy in searches. A new study by Piper Jaffray, a Minneapolis-based investment bank, looked at the software by asking 1600 different search questions (800 on busy streets and another 800 asked in a quiet room) and ...

Google search's market share falls 5%
Times of India
Software giant Microsoft's search engine Bing has increased its share of the search market at the expense of Google, according to a new report.

Don't believe the hardware hype: Google's still an ad company
But Google is not a hardware company and is not becoming one. It is still an information company. Its main product is still its search engine. ... That's because the old model of providing browser-based search and advertising is increasingly challenged ...

Google's Risky Business
Google I/O 2012, the company's annual developer conference, offered a glimpse of the company's future and a reminder of the company's problems. None of Google's peers, allies, or competitors--Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla, or Samsung--have a vision ...

Google's New Voice Search Versus Apple's Siri | Cult of Android

When Google announced Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), they showed off the new voice actions as ...

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