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Google's Marissa Mayer Tapped as Yahoo's Chief

Google's Marissa Mayer Tapped as Yahoo's Chief
New York Times
Marissa Mayer, one of the top executives at Google, will be the next C.E.O. of Yahoo, making her one of the most prominent women in Silicon Valley and corporate America.... Still, Ms. Mayer is unlikely to try to make Yahoo a direct competitor to ...

New York Times

Google's Marissa Mayer Named CEO of Yahoo (blog)
Google executive Marissa Mayer has been named the new CEO of Yahoo, the company said Monday. ... [GOOG Loading... () ] Monday. Mayer has been involved with Google's search, gmail and Google news features. (blog) 

Google Antitrust Probe Should Settle, EU Regulator Says
The European Union's antitrust chief said he'd rather settle an antitrust probe over claims GoogleInc. (GOOG) discriminates against rivals than pursue an enforcement action against the world's largest Web-search engine.

Can Bing's 'social search' improve trip planning?
Bing, No. 2 to Google in the search-engine sweepstakes, acknowledges its target audience is the 18- to 34-year-old crowd that spends a lot of time on social networks. To tap into that, Bing revamped its search results pages for what it calls "search ...


Google's New Voice Assistant Pitted Against Siri: If You'd Like, I Can Search ...
Android Police
The uninformed consumer (read: not you, dear readers) may be forgiven for not realizing Google'svoice search/voice assistant/Google Now thing is attemptin... by Eric Ravenscraft in Google, News.

Google's hardware makeover to get uneasy welcome on Wall Street
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Wall Street has a long-running love affair with Google the search engine. But will it feel the same way about Google the hardware maker? Google on Thursday will report quarterly results for the first time since closing its $12 ...

Google revises concessions to EU
Financial Times
Google has submitted a revised package of concessions to address the concerns of Europe's top competition authority, bringing the talks to settle the EU antitrust investigation to a critical juncture. Joaquin Almunia, the EU's competition.

Financial Times

Google to report first results with Motorola
Chicago Tribune
Wall Street has a long-running love affair with Google the search engine. But will it feel the same way about Google the hardware maker?

Yahoo's new CEO: Google's Marissa Mayer
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
Ms. Mayer, 37, had for years been responsible for the look and feel of Google's most popular products: the famously unadorned white search homepage, Gmail, GoogleNews and Google Images. More recently, Ms. Mayer, an engineer by training whose first ...

San Francisco Chronicle (blog)

Yahoo reportedly names Google's Mayer as CEO
Mayer, an engineer by training, was one of the first employees ever hired at Google , and considered a key contributor to the success of Google's search business. Mayer will reportedly join Yahoo on Tuesday and takes over from interim CEO Ross Levinsohn.

Invisible Businesses In Google's Local Search – The Problem No One Sees
Search Engine Land
Yet, when their online marketing is audited from a local SEO perspective it becomes clear that their lack of search optimization has effectively cloaked them — they're invisible! So, how is it ... Still more businesses are under-categorized, failing ...

Search Engine Land

Apple's Siri vs. Google: Survey Negative, Says Cowen; Will LTE Help?
Barron's (blog)
Google's (GOOG) iOS search bar requires eyes to be focused on the display to enter text. Since text entry and driving are incompatible, we believe the opportunity for Siri to grow – if its performance improves – is high. (Though I would note that ...

Video: Another Landslide Victory for Google Voice Search Over Siri
Droid Life
Google's Voice Search is batting 1.000 against Apple's Siri in a new video of the two going head to head. While I still think it's unreasonable to compare the two (one is just simply more advanced), it is fun to watch others have fun with Google's new ...

Droid Life

Bane of Mitt's campaign? Search traffic spikes for 'Bain Capital'
Deseret News
As Google search traffic spikes for “Bain Capital,” Mitt Romney's efforts to quell public interest in Barack Obama's attacks may have missed the mark. Last week the presidential race was largely defined by accusations and innuendo from Barack Obama's ...

Deseret News

Google (GOOG): Q2 Would Be Strong Despite Forex Headwinds, Macro Concerns
(By Mani) Search giant Google, Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) should report a strong quarterly scorecard when it reports its second-quarter results on July 19, despite pressure from forex headwinds and macro economic concerns. Wall Street expectsGoogle to earn ...


Yahoo! Appoints Marissa Mayer Chief Executive Officer
MarketWatch (press release)
Most recently, Mayer was responsible for Local, Maps, and Location Services for Google, the company's suite of local and geographical products including Google Maps, Google Earth, Zagat, Street View, and local search, for desktop and mobile. Mayer ...

Where Was the June Google Search Quality Highlight Post?
Search Engine Roundtable
For the past several months, Google has been providing monthly search quality highlight posts, sharing a number of changes they made to the search side of Google. On June 7th, they ... Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization · Prev Story Next ...

How Google is becoming an extension of your mind
SAN FRANCISCO -- It's time to think of Google as much more than just a search engine, and that should both excite and spook you. Search remains critical to the company's financial and technological future, but Google also is using the search business ...

2 Weeks Later Google Fixes "Search By Image"
Search Engine Roundtable
Just about two weeks ago, the Google Search By Image feature stopped working for IE9 users. Google offered a couple workarounds but those workarounds are no longer needed. Google's Albert C. said in a Google Web Search Help thread that the issue is ...

Search Engine Roundtable

Yahoo names Google exec Marissa Mayer as new CEO, passing over Ross ...
San Jose Mercury News
Prominent Google executive Marissa Mayer will be Yahoo s new CEO, the company announced Monday afternoon, joining Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman as one of the most prominent female business leaders in Silicon Valley.

Google's Marissa Mayer to become Yahoo CEO
LA Observed
Still, Ms. Mayer is unlikely to try to make Yahoo a direct competitor to Google in the world ofsearch. In 2009, Yahoo gave up its search engine and partnered with Microsoft, which was seen by some analysts as a concession that it couldn't compete. "I ...

Yahoo names Google's Marissa Mayer as CEO
Yahoo's drawn out search for a CEO has taken an unexpected turn with the company tapping Marissa Mayer, Google's first female engineer and the head of its location and local services, as its new chief Yahoo. Mayer is now set to take over Yahoo starting ...

France: Google may have to censor for piracy after all
France's Supreme Court has set aside a critical piracy ruling, a move that could result in Google being forced to censor some of its search results. The case centers on thesearch engine's autocomplete feature — the suggestions for commonly-used ...


How to Get Started With Music on Google Play
How to Get Started With Music on Google Play When Google launched Google Play (originally called Google Music) last year, a lot of hype surrounded the service, since it represented the searchgiant's entry into the world of music streaming. But now the ...

Improving Paid Search Performance with Sitelinks
Search Engine Journal
This is exactly where Google Sitelinks can help. Sitelinks allows people to get a sneak peek of your website by displaying additional links to your site on your search engine results. Google Sitelinks is available both for SEO and PPC campaigns, but...

Search Engine Journal

Google's Marissa Mayer Named Yahoo CEO
Wall Street Journal
Yahoo tapped longtime Google executive Marissa Mayer to be its next chief executive, succeeding interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, as the Internet pioneer tries to reverse its downward course.

Why Should CRE Care About Google Search? - The Niche Report
By Linda Day Harrison, CPM, CCIM
I am a property professional by trade and I am not someone who drank the Google kool-aid and I am not talking about anything high tech, it is common sense, which is exactly what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about. I am trying to ...
The Niche Report

Here's another hilarious Siri vs Google Voice Search video, Is that a ...
By Robert Nazarian
tagged Google, Siri, Voice Search. There has been so many videos lately that pit Siri againstGoogle's new Voice Search from Jelly Bean. Google seems to win the majority of them and this video is no different, but it's pretty funny as well.
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Estimate Search Volume Using Bing Webmaster Tools & Excel
By Travis Loncar
Learn how to estimate the total organic search volume for your key phrases using Bing Webmaster Tools & a downloadable Excel spreadsheet! ... Google Analytics and AdWords Training in New York City, Jul 23-Jul 27. Search for: ... The recent upgrades (all of which seem to cater to the SEO) have sparked a new, vested interest in the suite of tools and reports, effectively revitalizing Bing'swebmaster appeal. .... by Travis Loncar | Google+ | Categories: Search Engine Optimization ...
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Video: Another Landslide Victory for Google Voice Search Over Siri ...
By -
Google's Voice Search is batting 1.000 against Apple's Siri in a new video of the two going head to head. While I still think it's unreasonable to compare.
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How do I Get My Blog to Show Up in Google? | The midPhase Blog
By Dustin Williams
As blogging continues to grow in popularity and more and more people are starting their own personal blogs, one question continues to be asked frequently, “How do I get my blog to show up in Google?” While there isn't one simple answer to solve this question, I can offer a few tips to ... to show up better in Google searches. About the Author: Dustin Williams is a Search Engine Marketing expert and the Global SEO Manager for MidPhase. He has been practicing SEM and optimizing ...
The midPhase Blog

7 Habits of Highly Effective SEO - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)
By Mark Jackson
What's interesting to me is how many of the tenets that Mr. Covey conveyed in this book hold true in many facets of my life, and specifically with digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). I speak to many ... While we must be aware, and understand, things like Google Panda/Penguin and other major changes in the algorithms, if we focus on doing “good marketing”, all other things should fall in line, and major algorithm changes shouldn't be a concern. You want to try to ...
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Not Showing In Google Place - High Rankings Search Engine ...
... verified but there is no data in it.How to show data in google place and getting result in googlelocal s. ... a Google Analytics enthusiast? Share and download custom Google Analytics reports, dashboards and advanced segments--for FREE!
High Rankings Forum

Will Google penalise infographics? – Epiphany Solutions Digital ...
By Tom Salmon
It would be wrong to penalise the entire infographic or data visualisation format, and I don't believe that Google will do that. However, Search Engine Land's Danny Sullivan suggested that it is conceivable that they will spot whether an ...
Search Marketing

Google Updates | Steerpoint Marketing
By admin
In an effort to create a better internet search experience, Google has rolled out some updates specifically designed for improving web surfing and operations on.
Steerpoint Marketing

SEO Foreign Search Engines Blogs | Spice Up Your Blog
By Paul Crowe
Being that Google controls nearly 60 percent of the search market, many blog owners put their focus on optimization entirely on this search engine—and rightfully so. People from all over the world useGoogle and translate Google results into ...
Spice Up Your Blog

Google's Search As You Type Tool Goes Retail - MediaPost
Google's Search As You Type Tool Goes Retail - 07/12/2012.

python - Why can urlopen download a Google search page but not a ...
I'm using Python 3.2.3's urllib.requests module to download Google search results, but I'm getting an odd error in that urlopen works with links to Google search ...

Face Off: Hilarious Siri Vs. Google Search - YouTube
Apple iPad Mini rumors are everywhere and the ultimate Siri versus Android Jelly Bean ...

Google Search Maps Translate Quick Reference, Cheat Sheet ...
Laminated quick reference guide of instructions for how to use google search, maps & translate features (also called cheat sheet or reference card)

Search Quality Evaluation Manager - Mountain View - Google Jobs
The Search Quality Evaluation (SQE) team's mission is to make the world's information more useful by defending the integrity of Google Search. On the SQE ...

8 Google Search Tips and Tricks | Netwirks
These 8 Google search tips and tricks will help you search the web like you've never searched the web before.

WordPress › Support » Trouble with google search result/ Warning ...
This problem deals with the site If you google usa bound; it is the second result and it states that the site may be compromised. When you click ...

Account details Tags / google search - Cargo support
I am trying to make the google search find my site with the words 'alice garcia design' and from what I know i should put those words on the tag box, that's right?

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