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Google Offers Concessions in EU Antitrust Case

Google Offers Concessions in EU Antitrust Case
New York Times
Google's proposal seeks to address European concerns that it might have abused its dominance in Internet search by promoting its own businesses at the expense of rivals.

Google offers to settle EU antitrust probe
Summary: Google has offered European antitrust regulators concessions with an eye to settle an ongoing probe over allegations the company 'cooked' search results.

Google: We drove $80B in US economic activity last year
"This is because, if advertisers receive 2 times as much value from AdWords as they spend on AdWords, and they receive 5 times as much value from Google Search as they do from AdWords, then the total profit they receive is 11 times what they spend." ...

Google responds to concerns raised by European competition watchdog
Washington Post
BRUSSELS — Google Inc. chairman Eric Schmidt has proposed a series of changes to end his company's possible abuse of its dominant market position in Internet search and advertising, as alleged earlier this year by the European Commissioner for ... in ...

Wait, So Apple's Siri Won't Kill Google Search After All?
Video Just a few months ago, some folks were suggesting that Apple's voice assistant Siri would killGoogle's search by offering a more natural way for people to find what they want online--without annoying ads, either. Honestly, the notion sounded at ...

Google Outlines Proposals to EU to End Antitrust Probe
Google Inc. (GOOG) outlined proposals to European Union regulators in an effort to end an antitrust investigation into allegations that the operator of the world's largest search engine discriminates against rivals.

Google offers to make concessions in EU antitrust probe
Los Angeles Times
Google has offered to settle an antitrust probe from European Union regulators to avoid a hefty fine and major changes to how it operates its lucrative online search business.

Report: Google Makes Offer To Europeans To Prevent Antitrust Action
Search Engine Land
Google's “vertical” results: “In general search results, Google displays links to its own verticalsearch services differently than it does for links to competitors. We are concerned that this may result in preferential treatment compared to those of ...

EU Confirms Google's Schmidt Responds to Antitrust Concerns
Wall Street Journal
BRUSSELS--The European Commission Monday confirmed Google Inc. (GOOG) had responded to its antitrust concerns, though it didn't say when it would give its verdict on whether the concessions offered by the search engine giant go far enough.

Google Offers to Settle EU Antitrust Case
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
BRUSSELS -- Google offered to settle an antitrust investigation in Europe on Monday, seeking to avoid a potentially huge fine and requirements to change the way it runs its lucrative search and advertising businesses. The offer came in the form of a ...

Google Is Doing Everything It Can To Cure A Big European Headache Without ...
Business Insider
Google chairman Eric Schmidt is trying to reach a settlement with European regulators on charges that Google has abused its dominant position in the searchmarket, Bloomberg reports. Schmidt sent a letter to European Union antitrust chief Joaquin ...

Business Insider

Google Search By Image Gets Smarter & Faster
Search Engine Land
Now if you search by image, Google will try to be smarter about the best guess answer they give you. For example, if you uploaded an image of a specific type of flower, previously Google would say it was flower. Now Google will try to guess the type of ...

Search Engine Land

Google looks to settle European antitrust claims
The Hill (blog)
Google's most significant antitrust problem centers on whether it manipulates its search results to ensure that its own services, such as YouTube and Google Maps, appear above those of its rivals. Almunia also expressed concern over whether Google is ...

Google Works to Settle EU Antitrust Probe, and Schmidt Says Larry Page is Fine
Apparently, Google favored its own search services over that of others, used online reviews from other sites without permission, and created contracts which blocked advertisers from moving their ads to rivals while also blocking rivals results from search.

Google submits proposal aimed at avoiding legal action in European probe of ...
Washington Post
SAN FRANCISCO — Google has submitted a proposal aimed at avoiding a showdown with European regulators threatening to crack down on the some of the Internet search leader's business practices.

Google Addresses EU Antitrust Concerns, but Keeps Specifics Private
All Things Digital
Google today responded to the European Commission's antitrust investigation of favoritism of the company's own products in its search results.

All Things Digital

Google Now Is Good for Now
PC Magazine
But more eerily, the system pokes into your search habits and starts to feed you information you are glad to see, but were unaware you wanted to see. If you thought Google was prying before, you're in for a surprise. But so far, so good. I'm not about ...

Google responds to Europe antitrust investigators
Google responds to Europe antitrust investigators. Google has made a proposal to the European Commission in an attempt to bring to a close the antitrust investigation into its dominance of the search market. Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Review: The New Best Way to Spend 200 Bucks
Google Nexus 7 Tablet Review: The New Best Way to Spend 200 Bucks After months of leaks and hints about the Nexus 7, it was clear what to expect from Google's first tablet. The major question was: "Can it possibly be as good as it looks and only cost ...

Sign Up for Google's Power Searching Online Course to Boost Your Google-Fu
Google's search options are arguably some of the most powerful and flexible available, and they're sure to take you to the results you're looking for—assuming you know how to get the most out ofGoogle Search. If your Google-fu could use a little ...

Google makes proposals to EU on competition concerns
BRUSSELS — Google said Monday it had made proposals to EU regulators who have threatened to impose huge fines unless the Internet search giant allays concerns it has abused its dominant market position. "We have made a proposal to address the four ...


Google Sound Search APK now available for download, unofficially
The Droid Guy
The recently concluded Google I/O showed us Android 4.1 and the Nexus 7 tablet among other things. In all fairness, Jelly Bean is by no means a major update.

Google suggests concessions to Antitrust Regulators in EU
The search engine portion of the Google conglomeration is currently under investigation in Europe for supposedly touting their own for-sale products when they.

Local SEO with Google+
Search Engine Journal
It's not exactly surprising that Google recently made the widely-expected announcement that it plans to convert all existing Google Places pages into Google+ Local pages. So instead of boring you with further details on this transition, I want to jump ...

What Google Searches In The Blink Of An Eye
Business 2 Community
I can remember the day I switched over to Google for my internet searches. Before that I had a number of favourite search engines – each with its own. ... I can remember the day I switched over toGoogle for my internet searches. Before that I had a ...

Apple vs. Microsoft vs. Google: Round 2
Huffington Post (blog)
The market has changed and since no other companies were able to adapt quick enough, Google was born. They started by dominating the search engine market and are now moving into other business models in order to prepare themselves for the future.

Fake Google Webmaster Support Phone Calls
Search Engine Roundtable
SEOs and webmasters have asked for phone support for webmaster related issues for a long time and I don't plan on Google to offer it anytime soon. So when I saw a thread about someone from Google calling a site owner from a 650 area code...

Search Engine Roundtable

Jailbreakers Can Now Google Voice Search From Their Jailbroken iDevice's ...
If youve decided that youre sick of Siri and wish instead to take a walk on Googles side of the street when it comes to voice recognition services, but dont want to get a.

Google makes 'proposal' to Europe on antitrust concerns
Your correspondent asked Schmidt in May to explain whether Google would indeed submit "proposals of remedies" to the EC. He claimed at the time that the dominant search engine outfit - which holds sway over around 90 per cent of the market in Europe ...

What Google Searches in the Blink of an Eye | Social Media Today
By servantofchaos
I can remember the day I switched over to Google for my internet searches. Before that I had a number of favourite search engines – each with its own specialty. One I would use for searching forums, another I would use for question and ...
Social Media Today - The world's...

Apple's Siri vs Google Search On Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (Video ...
By Roland Hutchinson
We have seen a couple of videos before of Apple's Siri against various other voice activated virtual assistants, and now we have a video of Siri tested against Google Search on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The video below shows Google Search ...
Geeky Gadgets

What Is Google Doing To Its Search Results In Europe - WebProNews
By Chris Crum
A month ago, it was reported that Joaquin Almunia, the European Commission's head of competition, had given Google a deadline of July 2 to come up with changes to its search results, which would address four main concerns. Now, Google ...
WebProNews » Google

Google Sound Search Available For Everyone | Pocketnow
By Anton D. Nagy
You don't have to wait for a Jelly Bean ROM to land, you can now grab the Google Sound SearchAPK which will install the widget.

Google's Sound Search App from Jelly Bean Made Available for ...
By Tim-o-tato
One of the many awesome features that Jelly Bean has brought to the Android table is Google's new Sound Search or “Ears.” It is designed to replace well known applications such as Shazam and SoundHound by hearing music that is played, ...
Droid Life

Google Sound Search Widget from Jelly Bean now Available for ...
By David Pena
When a new OS drops, developers start pulling whatever they can out of the system dump. Just think kids going after the candy after one of them smashed open that huge piñata. One awesome feature that was pulled for Jelly Bean was ...

Mobile Phones Fan: Google JellyBean Sound Search 'Ears' APK
By Mobile Phones Fan
It installs as a widget and hooks right into Google Music, ready to provide one-click identification of the song you're playing, along with album art (in thumbnail form) and pricing info. Sound Search links directly to the Google Play Store, for easy ...
Mobile Phones Fan

How to Add Insert Google Search Bar Tool in Weebly | Premium ...
By divtag
They're the one who created Google Plus, and they publicly stated that those who have an activeGoogle Plus account will probably rank better in their search engine rankings. But you know what, when we first tried to install Google Plus and ...
Premium Weebly Templates and...

Google improves Search by Image results with Knowledge Graph ...
By Élyse Betters
Google launched Search by Image last year, and has updated algorithms for it almost every week since, but now the search engine will use its Knowledge Graph to power the popular feature. Software Engineer Sean O'Malley explained the ...

Google and Affiliate Blog - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum
By infoshine
Most of my traffic comes from social media promotion, search engine (Google) and some paid advertisement on Microsoft AdCenter and Facebook ads. I also started advertisement on GoogleAdWords but Google banned my AdWords account ...
ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

Siri vs. Google Search - Blog - Etre
Wow! Google Search on Jelly Bean blows Siri out of the water (in terms of both speech recognition and results-returning rapidity)! (Note: A new and improved version of Siri is, of course, on the horizon.)

The web is working for American businesses | Official Google Blog
By A Googler
In fact, in 2011, Google's search and advertising tools helped provide $80 billion of economic activity for 1.8 million advertisers, website publishers and nonprofits across the U.S. You can see the state-by-state breakdown on our economic ...
The Official Google Blog

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