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Google carves out niche in China

Google carves out niche in China
San Francisco Chronicle
Google's strength in mobile ads stands in contrast to its search-engine business in China. The global leader has failed to catch homegrown favorite Baidu in computer-based search, and two years ago Google moved its search servers out of the mainland in ...

San Francisco Chronicle 

Google privacy risks: New Red Team will search for privacy risks
By Brad Reed
Getting busted for allegedly violating your users' privacy is never fun for any company, but for Google(GOOG) it recently became costly to the tune of a.
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Inside Google, tough to search 'woman'
Deccan Herald
Google has generally been considered a place where women have thrived, but it wants to figure out how to compete even more vigorously for the relatively few women working in technology. Executives had been concerned that too many women dropped out ...

Google your feelings
The Droid Guy
The Doodles and games in the Google logo has long since attracted users and even on the Olympics the small games designed to play for web surfers provides great entertainment. Google is really trying to prove that it is more than a search engineand it ...

The Droid Guy

Google Uses AI To Find Good Tables
This, plus the knowledge graph, produces better search results. For a while it has been obvious that the next step for search has to be the incorporation of AI methods that can weigh up the relevance of a web page to a particular request. Google ...

Bad Link Building Recovery After Google Penguin
Search Engine Watch
For reference, I have written about parts of the process in two recent articles here on Search EngineWatch: 2 Quick Ways to Perform Bad ... Most likely, you aren't going to sue Google, or participate in a mass outcry that forces Google to change what ...

Second quarter results of the Search Engine leader Google Inc. defies economic ...
Industry Leaders Magazine
The core internet business of Search Engine Leader Google Inc. has successfully increased its revenue by about 21% in the second quarter of the year. This report has eased the worries of the Wall Street that a slump in the global economy would also ...

Industry Leaders Magazine

Google: Profiting From New Local Search Enhancements
(YELP) and TripAdvisor, owned by Expedia (EXPE), removed travel and location reviews from Google Places in 2011, Google decided to take matters into its own hands by creating a unique travel review website to post original content. Instead of building ...

Could These Patented Smart Gloves Be a Google Glass Peripheral?
Could These Patented Smart Gloves Be a Google Glass Peripheral? As if Google's cyber-glasses weren't sci-fi enough, the search giant is also apparently looking into cyber-gloves. The patent "Seeing with your hand" has been granted to Google, and could ...

5 Things Google Gives Away Free
If you're a marketer, though – if you take and take and take, and then try to get out of all the paid services and whine at Google whenever it makes a tweak to its (free) organic search algorithm that slightly disadvantages your for-profit company ...
Change the languages Google searches results for « FAQforge
By CSch
Usually Google restricts its results to the language you have set for the page itself, which is the one spoken in the country it locates you in by default. You can easily change these settings by clicking on the cog wheel icon on the top right and ...

16 Google Searches That Led People to Gizmodo Tonight
16 Google Searches That Led People to Gizmodo Tonight Ya'll are a weird bunch. While the rest of the world happens upon our fine blog through, probably, the ...

Search Google Drive Via Chrome's Omnibox
Some time ago, Google tricked me into using its CloudConnect app, (not that I regret it entirely) a handy solution that automatically stores Microsoft Office documents in Google Drive (previously simply in the Google Docs folder). Since I love to write ...

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