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Google features Nexus 7 Tablet in Rare Homepage Promo

Google Shills Nexus 7 Tablet in Rare Homepage Promo
PC Magazine
The search box on Google's usually bare landing page had company on Tuesday–peeking up from a virtual slit in the screen was the Nexus 7 tablet. The Nexus 7, built by Asus and co-branded withGoogle, appears under the tagline "The playground is open" ...

Google will now bug you with birthdays like Facebook does
Los Angeles Times
Users will see reminders when they use Google Search or go to the main page. Birthday reminders will not be visible on Google+ or any other service, according to a spokesman forGoogle. How birthday reminders will be shown for you will ...

Google: Nearly 6 Million Requests to Remove Search Results This Month
Search Engine Watch
Notable requests received by Google include those from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) with 841,177; Microsoft, which submitted 681,227 requests, and NBCUniversal's 254,527 requests. The data doesn't include information on how ...

Wajam infiltrates Google Maps, Safari on iPhone to show friend recs
Launched last year, the startup has historically used a browser plug-in to let users see relevant activity from friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels as theysearch on Google, Bing and other sites from their desktops. This week, Wajam ...


Patent: How Google May Trick Search Spammers
Search Engine Land
The SEO community has been buzzing about a newly discovered Google Patent document named Ranking documents. The patent describes how Google may detect certain “rank modifying” techniques and then adjust the ranking of those documents using ...

Search Engine Land

Hisense taps Google TV set-top box market with $99 Pulse
Like other Google set-top boxes, the Pulse will offer access to content on YouTube, Netflix, and Pandora and come preloaded with Google TV apps like Chrome, Google Play, and Search. The Pulse will feature a double-sided remote control with a touchpad ...

Google Reminds Webmasters: Selling Links Can Lead To PageRank Penalty
Search Engine Land
In short, he said “PageRank drops by 30-50%” typically are due to “selling links that pass PageRank.” Matt went on to explain they detected, not sure if it was automatically or manually, links labeled “sponsored that passed PageRank.” Matt added that ...

How Google's New Updates Impact Your Business
Memphis Daily News
Sound SEO practices focus on ensuring your site offers content of genuine interest to visitors because search engines favorably rank sites that are well trafficked and generate high visitor engagement levels. Ensure that each Web page has a title and ...

Wajam Injects Its Social Search Results Into Google Maps And ...
By Frederic Lardinois
Wajam, the increasingly popular social search engine, uses a browser plugin to embed its ownsearch results on Google, Bing and numerous other search and shopping sites. For the most part, this limits Wajam to the desktop, but now, the ...

Google Out-Computes NASA's Apollo Missions
By Drew Olanoff
According to Google, just one action taken on its search engine by a single user uses the computing power of the entire Apollo space missions. Since this is Google we're talking about, the company broke things down further on its blog today.
The Next Web

The power of the Apollo missions in a single Google search - Inside ...
By Inside Search
The power of the Apollo missions in a single Google search. 8/28/12 | 12:00:00 PM. The two of us are old enough to remember the thrill of seeing Neil Armstrong walk on the moon in the summer of 1969. Many things have changed since then, ...
Inside Search

Google Usage Rates Vary Across Browsers | Chitika Insights
By Chitika Insights
Despite Bing Search Default, Internet Explorer Users Still “Google” >50% of the Time –. The now ubiquitous phrase “Google it” certainly points to a clear king of the search engine marketplace, but many prefer to do their “Googling” in a variety ...
Chitika Insights

Google Puts Animated Banner Ad on Its Homepage
By Lauren Indvik
Google has put a banner ad for its Nexus 7 tablet on its front page -- an unprecedented move. ...Xezuka II Follow. It pains me when I ask family/friends to go search “so-and so” on Google only to see them type into the address bar.

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