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Google's Prior Art Finder: Seriously Useful Tool

Google's Prior Art Finder: Seriously Useful Tool
The Prior Art Finder identifies key phrases from the text of the patent, combines them into a searchquery, and displays relevant results from Google Patents, Google Scholar, Google Books, and the rest of the web. You'll start to see the blue “Find ... 

Block specific Web site results from Google searches in Chrome
CNET (blog)
Looking for something specific but the same Web sites keep coming up in your Google Searchresults? Check out this ... When searching Google for something such as a specific product, it's likely you have come across a content farming Web site or 10.

Business Matters: The First Week With Google's Anti-Piracy Search Algorithm
The Pirate Bay is playing it cool, arguing people will be disappointed with the legal options that rank higher in Google's search results. "We'll get more direct traffic when people don't get the expectedsearch result when using Google," the Pirate ...

Google (GOOG) To Enhance Travel Searches With Frommer's Acquisition
Green Stocks Central
Google (GOOG) acquired popular travel guide brand Frommer's earlier this week in a move that is believed to help the search giant. Google has already announced plans to partner the Frommer's segment with its recently acquired restaurant rating company ...

Google chows down on 3D-printed pasta
Follow @mappingbabel. Google's staff benefits are renowned in the IT industry, and along with the scooters, free time for personal projects, slides and game machines, the search giant's employees have been enjoying something else — 3D-printed pasta.

Draw Visitors to Your Small Business with Local SEO Strategies
Business Insider
Google is one of the biggest, most widely-used search platforms on the Internet, and they provide a number of free, simple features you can use to promote your business directly to search engineusers that are actively looking for your products and ...

Ask Google: Why is San Francisco so
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
Judging by what Google readers search on, San Francisco is like a high-priced version of Antarctica. The top four suggestions are: expensive, cold, windy, foggy. Hey, we have ... be different once summer finally rolls around in September or October? By...

San Francisco Chronicle (blog)

Google Street View travels to Brazil, Mexican historical sites
Google's Street View is expanding across Brazil and Mexico. The search giant today announced that its Street View coverage in Brazil now includes "colonial cities like Fortaleza, architecturally compelling cities like Brasilia, and coastal landmarks ...

Google Enhances Search Engine With Google+ Results
Although Google+ isn't as nearly as popular as social media giants Facebook or Twitter, they have a few important things their competitors don't have. Google+ is really just a part of the Google empire/network, which is essentially a major part of the ...


Google Infiltrates the New iPhone
NBC Bay Area (blog)
Print. Google Infiltrates the New iPhone. Google. advertisement. Click Here! Google found a way to infiltrate the new iPhone even as Apple tries to keep the search titan's properties off its iOS.Google's new ... There isn't anything nefarious here ...

How Does Google Local Change in Different Google Country Browsers?
SEOmoz (blog)
When I used and searched for “attractions in Florence”, Google Maps was not displayed which was what I saw using the English search query in was still in first position, but in second it was the domain of ...

SEOmoz (blog)

Google Maps & Instagram Offer New Travel Tools
To get started, type in Rio de Janeiro in the Google Maps search box. Once your map loads, zoom in so that you are close enough to see major roads. Click on the dropdown box under "Traffic" to select photos and videos. You may be interested in the area ...

Fewer and Fewer People Want to Know About Computers, Says Google
The Atlantic
It's the search volume for a basket of computer and electronics related terms (e.g. "windows, mac, hp, ipod, google, dell, sony, xbox"). computerslecronics.jpg. We see some seasonality around the holidays, as you ... But whatever the reasons -- and ...

The Atlantic

SYSTEM UPDATE: Sony's new Google TV box tries to take on Apple TV ... again
New York Daily News
It's a satisfying experience that gets even better when paired with some of Google'sother features. Google TV also can combine a bunch of viewing options — Netflix, HBO Go and Sony's own Video Unlimited service — into one giant search engine. Want ...

New York Daily News

What Google auto-fill thinks about your state
Google's suggested search terms are alternately helpful, funny and nonsensical — sometimes all three at once. This handy interactive map lets you check out what people seem to think about all 50 states, or at least what Google thinks they think.

Google offers $2 million bounty for Chrome hacks
TG Daily
This week, the search giant confirmed it will be holding another competition for hackers willing to target its Chrome web browser. Google ran a similar contest last year dubbed the "Pwnium competition" - with a total of $1 million offered in prize money.

Transposing the Icons of Google Maps Into the Real World
The Atlantic
The project "Map" is a public space installation questioning the red map marker of the location basedsearch engine Google Maps. "Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions inGoogle Maps." With a small graphic icon Google marks search ...

Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: August 17, 2012
Search Engine Roundtable
Google had an I'm Feeling Lucky easter egg. Google had a logo for Julia Child's 100th birthday, India's independence day and I posted all the London Olympics logos from Google on Sunday. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Shill count: Oracle 1, Google 0
Ars Technica
It notes that Ed Black of the Google-supported Computer and Communications Industry Association has written about the copyrightability of APIs. And it said that Jonathan Band, author of a book cited by Google in its court filings, has financial ties to ...

Facebook Joins Google Backing New York's Silicon Dream
West Coast companies are already helping lay the groundwork, with Google Inc. (GOOG) donating office space to the project and Facebook Inc. (FB) hosting a “hackathon” to build buzz with all-night programming binges. New York has an uphill fight in ...

Google Apps Gains Postini Security, Compliance Capabilities
TalkinCloud (blog)
Google Postini — the email security, archiving and content filtering platform — is essentially folding into the Google Apps platform. The search giant says Google Apps will gain more and more Postini features well into 2013, as the standalone Postini ...

For Ryan, physical fitness a lifelong endeavor
The Associated Press
Ryan favors P90X, a high-energy workout routine on DVD that's peddled on late-night infomercials.Google searches for "Paul Ryan P90X" spiked more than 5000 percent since he was introduced as Romney's running mate on Aug. 11. "Shirtless" was the No.

Did Google Ruin Search Engine Call Tracking?
Business 2 Community
They work by establishing a unique session ID when a visitor clicks to your website from a search engine. This session ID, along with referring source and keyword information, are passed to the call tracking provider's application similar to Google ...

Boost Your Google Searching Skills with Google's Free Power Searching Course
Boost Your Google Searching Skills with Google's Free Power Searching Course Brushing up yoursearch skills can save a ton of time and frustration. Perhaps there's no better source for increasing your Google-fu than Google itself. This free online ...

Why Google Employees Are Happier Than Ever
"With the increase in Google stock price, the death benefits offered to a spouse or domestic partner, as well as the other array of benefits Google employees receive, the search-engine giant continues to lead the way in pioneering a happy work ...

Torrent Sites Think Google Is Censoring Them
The Pirate Bay addressed Google lowering their search rankings in a blog post. They say that a “very low amount” of their traffic actually comes from Google and that's only a good thing. They see themselves as a search engine and Google's move was a ...

Feeling lucky punk? Google adds new options for random search
Lakestar Media
The options are: I'm Feeling Artistic – directing to Google Art; I'm Feeling Doodly – going to a random Google Doodle; I'm Feeling Hungry – brings up a search for restaurants; I'm Feeling Playful – redirects to a random interactive Google Doodle; I'm ...

Google's Voice Search on Android adds support for 13 additional ...
By Richard Lawler
Even though it's also on iOS now, Android is still the first love for Google's Voice Search and the company announced today it's.

Google Voice Search update adds 13 new languages | The Verge
By Jeff Blagdon
Google is announcing support for another 13 languages in its Voice Search app for Android, bringing the total up to 42. The company already had a lot of difficult-to-implement languages like Arabic and Chinese taken care of, but this update ...
The Verge - All Posts

Google Voice Search adds support for 13 new languages
By Dusan Belic
Good ol' Google keeps improving its products and services. Their latest gig involves the VoiceSearch, which just got support for 13 new languages, including Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, European Portuguese, Finnish, Galician, Hungarian, ...

Google Voice Search update includes 13 new languages
By Sam Cater
Google's famous voice search functionality already is built into nearly every Android phone. Now another 13 languages have been added.
Android Authority

Google Voice Search updated with support for 13 new languages ...
By Tyler Lee
Android users, if English is not your first language or if you have an accent that Google Voice Searchdoes not seem to be able to grasp, you might be interested to learn that Google has officially updated their Voice [...]

Google's Voice Search now understands 13 more languages - Neowin
By Rob Schorman
The service already supported an impressive 29 languages, but Google will be adding support for 13 more languages to Android's Voice Search, starting today and completing the roll out by next week.

Google's Voice Search adds 13 new languages | 9to5Google ...
By √Člyse Betters
The search giant added 13 new languages to its app; so over 100 million worldwide speakers can now use Voice Search. The new languages include, according to the official Google blog, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, European Portuguese, ...

Google Voice Search Now Supports 13 More Languages
By James Johnson
Google Voice search for Android now supports an additional 13 languages. The world's largest searchgiant announced on Friday that it was adding the new voice support to the 29 languages already featured on the platform. Google Voice ...
The Inquisitr

BitTorrent Sites: Google's New Anti-Piracy Search Rules Will Help ...
By james_fudge
But, as the BBC reports, two major file-sharing sites are saying that the new way in which Google is organizing the search results will likely drive even more traffic directly to their domains. So just who are the two sites making these claims?
GamePolitics blogs

Google Incorporating Gmail into Search -
By Angela Guess
Marcela De Vivo reports that Google is experimenting with incorporating Gmail into search results. ...where there are relevant shopping results, no Gmail results appear in the SERPs.” Read more here. Image: Courtesy Search Engine Journal ...

Google's Voice Search Supports 13 New Languages – Is Yours One ...
By Chris Chavez
Google is looking to bring search to more more users across the globe but not with the old fashioned, inefficient way of typing out searches with our fingers. What is this, 2009? No, sir. With our voice. That's why 'ol Googs took to their official ...
Android Phone Fans

Did Google buy Frommer's for its search engine juice? No, there is a ...
By Kevin May
Similar to when Google bought ITA Software in the summer of 2010, officials are avoiding saying yet what the search giant intends to do with its purchase of Frommer's travel guides.

Who Does Google Image Search Think You Look Like?
Here's a fun thing to do when the Internet is boring: see who Google Image Search thinks you resemble when you feed it a picture of yourself.

Voice Search arrives in 13 new languages | Official Google Blog
“Norwegian restaurants in New York City.” I can type that phrase fast, but I can say it even faster—and when I'm on the go, speed is what I'm looking for.

Google's Search Changes Are Giving Pirate Pages the Boot
Google has made changes to search that will lower the ranking of websites offering illegal content.

Top Ryan Google searches: 'vice president,' 'shirtless' -
Most people in the political class assume Americans associate Paul Ryan with his controversial budget plan. The folks at Google have put together this fun chart , ...

Twitter / google: Voice Search arrives in 13 ...
RT @google: Voice Search arrives in 13 new languages · Details Expand Collapse. Reply; RetweetedRetweet; Delete; FavoritedFavorite ...

Flickr: The Help Forum: Google Images Search
Purely by chance, I searched Google images by copying and pasting the ... But bugs in Google's search probably have to be brought up with Google, not Flickr.

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