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How to Outrank Your Competition in Google

How to Outrank Your Competition in Google
In this interview, Lee talks about ranking high in Google, the best way to optimize your online presence, how SEO (search engine optimization) is changing, and more. Do you think anyone pays attention to any search results after the first three in Google?


Google Search Algorithm Update Means Better Copyright Protection
The new signal joins a list of more than 200 others that are factors used in the ranking of Web pages by Google's search engine to help provide accurate results for users. The change should help users find legitimate, quality sources of content more ...

Daily Report: Google Buys Frommer's, in Continuing Effort to Produce Original ...
New York Times (blog)
Google made another foray into producing original content when it announced on Monday its plans to buy the Frommer's brand of travel guides from John Wiley & Sons to augment its local and travelsearch results, reports Claire Cain Miller on Tuesday in ...

Lawyer's delight: Google beefs up patent-search technology
Another cybertool improvement for our increasingly cyberlitigious times: Google earlier today announced a prior art finder as well as a way to search patent requests that get submitted to the European Patent Office. Typically, patents are granted only ...

Google Easter Egg: The 'I'm Feeling Lucky' Button Branches Out
Wired News
Google Instant Search eliminates not just the need for, but the opportunity to even press the venerable “I'm Feeling Lucky” button. With Instant Search results appear the minute you start typing, without pressing any buttons. That might help explain ...

Wired News

Tycoon sues Google on defamation claim
ZDNet (blog)
The 69-year-old is apparently taking the Internet giant to the region's High Court in a defamation case after searching his name through Google's search service left an unpleasant taste in his mouth.Google's search algorithms have resulted in listings ...

Court to Hear Google's Challenge to Class-Action Lawsuit on Book Scanning
New York Times (blog)
James Grimmelmann, a professor at New York Law School who has closely followed the litigation over Google Book Search, said it was unlikely that the decision would delay the main case. “I'm thinking this is probably reflecting the high-profile nature ...

Copyright Wars: Google does what Hollywood wants
89.3 KPCC (blog)
Last week, Google announced that it's making a change — or more accurately perhaps, a modification — to its search algorithm. This is the explanation, fromGoogle's search blog: Starting next week, we will begin taking into account a new signal in ...

89.3 KPCC (blog)

Google shows it'll be smart with hardware
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Google Inc.'s planned cuts at Motorola Mobility lifted its stock Monday as the move eased worries that the search giant will be bogged down by its ownership of a big hardware asset. It's been three months since Google ...

Why Google's anti-piracy search crackdown won't affect YouTube
"Sites with high numbers of removal notices may appear lower in our results," Amit Singhal,Google's head of engineering, said in a blog post. "This ranking change should help users find legitimate, quality sources of content more easily." The websites ...

Google draws new battle line with Frommer's acquisition
Google draws new battle line with Frommer's acquisition. As long as Google dominates search and continues to acquire content and make its products work more "seamlessly," competitors like Yelp and Fodor's will be at a disadvantage on Google's platform.

Google Earth Shows Undiscovered Pyramids, Amateur Archeologist Claims
PCWorld (blog)
Both locations feature what appear to be pyramid-shaped mounds with a deliberate organizational structure, according to Angela Micol of Maiden, N.C., who runs Google Earth Anomalies. As its name suggests, the site is dedicated to discovering intriguing ...

Safari 5.0 Users Must Search Google Blindly
Search Engine Roundtable
Of course, we are now on version 6.x, so I am not sure the number of people this is impacting but there is a large thread at Google Web Search Help with complaints. Last night, Googler Albert responded to the thread again saying they should have a fix ...

Google faces investigation by India's antitrust agency
Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS) International approached the CCI, which has quasi-legal authority, to investigate the potential misuse by Google of its dominant position in online search andsearch-related advertising markets, following the ...

Google workers get death perks
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Forbes magazine recently interviewed the search engine company's “chief people officer” who disclosed that a surviving spouse or partner of a Google employee now receives 50 percent of the deceased staffer's pay for 10 years – regardless of how long...

Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

Google Buys Frommer's Travel Guides To Bulk Up Reviews
Google acquired Zagat last year in an effort to boost the search giant's business reviews, and Zagat's data was integrated into its business search results. Google says it will do the same thing with Frommer's data, although it would initially appear ...

Google Buys Frommer's to Expand Local Search Content
There are user comments on this Indexing & Search Engine story. Google continues to go where the money is as it buys up travel content publisher, Frommer's. Now the search giant can push more ads in the lucrative local service marketplace. Frommer's, a ...

Hong Kong tycoon sues Google search for defamation
However, Yeung is not happy with the listings chosen by the web giant's algorithms when userssearch his name and wants Google to block all such defamatory results and pay him compensation. The 69-year-old probably has some right to feel fairly ...

Consumer Watchdog Urges Regulators To Block Google's Purchase of ...
Sacramento Bee
A Consumer Watchdog study, Traffic Report: How Google is Squeezing out Competitors and Muscling Into New Markets, demonstrated how Google favors its own products and services in Universal Search. Read the study here: ...

Gmail Content Now Populates Google Search Results…….With your Permission
Google has gone a step further to ensure that you understand that it is your Gmail content by adding a side section that allows you to optionally accept the search engine results page to be populated with your Gmail content or not. I was able to locate ...


Google vs. Apple: Who Has the Most to Lose?
Google's (NAS: GOOG) plan to challenge Apple (NAS: AAPL) with an enhanced voice-search feature for iOS is another strategic jab in an ongoing feud between the two tech gods. According to Reuters, Google's updated search app is expected for iPhone and ...

Wolfram Alpha inventor Stephen Wolfram not impressed with Google's search ...
The Australian
Last week Google announced a major upgrade to its search engine which now includes a "knowledge graph" that seeks to understand the context of Google searches and, after establishing what the searcher is looking for, delivers context-relevant results.

Searchers Don't Want Social in the SERPs, Prefer Bing's Layout to Google's [Study]
Search Engine Watch
As the SERPs have continuously evolved over the years, multi-media and social elements have gradually worked their way into the search listings. However, the two largest search engines,Google and Bing, have taken increasingly different approaches both ...

Will Google's search clampdown really beat piracy?
The Drum
No amount of results shuffling on Google's part will stop people accessing this kind of content and I doubt Google is the main resource. Second on the responses would be: how will this affect the search results? It's important to remember this is an ...

The Drum

Google eliminates 4000 jobs at Motorola
Christian Science Monitor (blog)
The Google search app is seen on a Motorola Droid smartphone. ... Now Google is cutting approximately 4000 jobs at Motorola, 20 percent of the workforce, in an effort to bring the ailing company back into contention with competitors such as Samsung.

Christian Science Monitor (blog)

Google rolls out limited Google+ vanity URLs
Profiles right now are accessed via string of random numbers, so either you'll need to have someone in your feed or you'll have to search for via Google before stumbling across their profile page and feed. The search company has made moves to correct ...

3 Ways to Begin Aligning Your PPC & SEO Strategies
Search Engine Watch
... same all three years across the various verticals. In a year that had a significant amount of searchmarketing evolution (think Google Panda/Penguin and the Knowledge Graph) the amount of overlap between paid and organic search didn't change much.

Google cagey with details of piracy penalty
The Hill (blog)
The spokesman said the penalty is about more than just the raw calculation of piracy complaints, but he noted that the exact details of Google's search algorithm are a closely guarded secret. Googlecould begin incorporating the piracy penalty into its ...

Google's Project Glass: Too Far Out?
Seeking Alpha
Google's (GOOG) stock has a strong history built upon its ability to provide information at the tap of a few keys. But Google is much more than a search engine. Google is many things. It is social networking. It is a targeted advertising powerhouse. It ...

Google's deal for Frommer's delivers needed content
Google's acquisition of the Frommer's travel brand on Monday is the latest evidence of the Internet search giant's desire to control all the experiences around travel — from where to go and how to get there, to guidance on what to see and do. Frommer ...


Google's Search Changes Are Giving Pirate Pages the Boot
By Alex Fitzpatrick
Good riddance. It's a disgrace Google has been able getting away with this for so long anyhow. Should we know clap our hands? And while they are at it, perhaps it could be a good idea to start blocking those Blogger accounts that offer ...

Google Adjusts Search Results To Appease Copyright Owners
By John Paul Titlow
But now Google is much more than a search engine. Even though it still gets most of its revenue from search ads, the company is establishing itself in other markets, from mobile software (and now hardware, thanks to its Motorola acquisition) ...

Google Improves Patent Search With Prior Art Finder, Adds Millions ...
By Frederic Lardinois
In today's announcement, Google engineering manager Jon Orwant notes that the company hopes that “this tool will give patent searchers another way to discover information relevant to a patent application, supplementing the search techniques they use today.” He also stresses that ... In addition to its dominant search engine, it offers a plethora of online tools and platforms including: Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and Google+, the company's extension into the social space. Most of its ...

Google opens prior-art patent search to the entire web — Data ...
By Derrick Harris
But all this innovation begs the question of whether Google, not the USPTO, should become the de facto patent search engine. patents dice. Google has made its Google Patents tool markedly more useful by tuning it to be even better at ...

Google Expands Patent Search to Cover The European Patent Office
By Matt Brian
Not content with offering a broader patent search, Google has also developed a Prior Art Finder to help searches trawl through patents that have either been cited in another patent registration or are related to the application that they have ...
The Next Web

Google's Improved Patent Search - Patent Law Blog (Patently-O)
By Dennis Crouch
by Dennis Crouch Two updates on Google's patent search tools: EU patents are now available; fully searchable; and automatically translated. Google has implemented a new prior art search button that attempts to identify the ten most relevant ...
Patent Law Blog (Patently-O)

Improving Google Patents with European Patent Office patents and the
By Inside Search
(Cross-posted from the Google Research Blog and Google Public Policy Blog) At Google, we're constantly trying to make important collections of information more useful to the world. Since 2006, we've let people discover, search, and read ...
Inside Search

Google Launches Big Improvements To Patent Search | WebProNews
By Chris Crum
The Prior Art Finder, Google says, identifies key phrases, combines them into a search query, and displays relevant results from Google Patents, as well as Google Scholar, Google Books, and the web. A button for the feature will appear on ...

Is Google abusing its monopoly in search, or just trying to stay in the ...
By Evan Konwiser
On one hand, Google can increasingly offer unparalleled user experience when researching in these areas. For example, Google Flight search uses ITA technology to provide faster flight search, and deep integration with Zagat and Frommer's ...

IFLA #wlic people: Google search educator
By Sheila Webber
Google's Search Education site is at: It has lesson plans and activities(e.g. "Evaluating credibility of sources"); Live Training (forthcoming events and recordings of past one); and A Google ...
Information Literacy Weblog

86 Google Search Changes; Four Key Trends - Mastering Search ...
By 'Net Features : wm-searchmarketing
Google has released another (very) big list of search quality changes (86 in total) that took place in June and July of 2012. Instead of detailing each and every one of the changes (which can be cumbersome and, well, boring), let's try and ...
Mastering Search

Law Librarian Blog: Google Changes Search To De-Emphasize ...
By Joe Hodnicki
Google isn't eliminating the questionable links under its new search standard, though it is placing them far enough down in search results that they will likely not be seen. How many people go past the first few pages of search results?
Law Librarian Blog

Google to downgrade pirate sites in search results | eSchool News
By Laura Devaney
Google Inc. is altering its search results to de-emphasize the websites of repeat copyright offenders and make it easier to find legitimate providers of music, movies and other content, the Associated Press reports.
eSchool News

Google piracy policy excludes YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr
By Brad Reed
A Google spokesman told Search Engine Land that although Google's new algorithms are “treating YouTube like any other site in search rankings,” the company did not “expect this change to demote results for popular user-generated content ...
BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech

Boot up: Google trials Gmail results in search, Lenovo to release ...
Plus RIM shares rise on hopes of Samsung licensing deal, and Google and Oracle ordered to reveal paid bloggers.

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