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Google Now Displaying Birthday Reminders on Search Page

Google Now Displaying Birthday Reminders on Search Page
PC Magazine
As long as you're a member of Google+, you'll start seeing a reminder on the upper ride hand side of the main Google search page when someone you know is celebrating their birthday. "Everyone deserves a little love on their birthday, so we're making it ...

Mia Love tops Google searches following RNC speech
The Hill (blog)
Mia Love, a 36-year-old black Mormon congressional candidate, exploded onto the national stage with her speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night. By Wednesday, "Mia Love" had become the fastest rising search term on Google.

Google Gives Nexus 7 Prime Ad Spot
If you came to Google to search for a tablet, your query has been answered before you've begun. Are you feeling lucky? Google began selling the Nexus 7 in late July, after introducing it at its developer conference a month earlier. The 7" tablet has ...

Google: Apollo's Giant Leap In Computer Power Is One Small Step For Searchkind
Search Engine Land
With the Apollo moon missions on many minds, after the death this weekend of the first moonwalker, Neil Armstrong, Google has an interesting post out about how a single search uses as much computing power as consumed by the entire Apollo program.

Search Engine Land

The EFF and Google: Too Close for Comfort?
PC Magazine
The EFF and Google: Too Close for Comfort? During Oracle's patent lawsuit against Google, it came out that the EFF receives funding from the search giant. Is there a conflict? Or is even the appearance of impropriety enough to damage the EFF's reputation?

Gmail Results in Google Search: Trick Or Treat?
That might seem to come from a webpage with a black background, but it's actually quite a practical matter – dominating the search industry. Google Desktop Searchintegrated Web and computer search results. Then came the large set of Googlehelpers ...

Google's state-of-the-art media center a major draw at Republican convention
Fox News
Google's space features product demos, like a Google elections page touch screen, a computerized economic impact report and a crisis center detailing the movement of Isaac, Smith said. The center also houses a Google+ powered livestreaming studio ...

Google Algorithm Update On August 28th?
Search Engine Roundtable
Google Update Brewing I am seeing some significant signs of a Google update in the WebmasterWorld forums. There is a large uptick in SEOs and webmasters talking about changing in the search rankings for their keywords. Some are citing huge drops in ...

Search Engine Roundtable

Why Google Will Bet the Farm on Fiber … to Sell More Ads
Search Engine Journal
“Note that Google likes to talk about its three main efforts: search, ads, and apps,” wrote Stephen Shankland for CNET, in one of the only pieces to highlight Google's true motivations to enter the browser market. “With Chrome, all three benefit.” Four ...

Wajam Hits iPhone, Adds Friends To Search On Google Maps, Safari
Social search provider Wajam has launched on the iPhone with a new feature, which adds recommendations from your friends directly in Google Maps and Safari on the iPhone. “The breakthrough is that we can insert social content in third-party apps ...

Do You Search Through the Google Homepage or the Address Bar?
By Brian Barrett
Do You Search Through the Google Homepage or the Address Bar? When I pointed out yesterday that people who use Google's homepage to search tend to be less technologically inclined, some people took it very personally. To be honest, I ...

Why Google's homepage antics are more serious than they appear ...
By Mathew Ingram
In many ways, the arguments made by “search neutrality” advocates — that Google should remain completely neutral in how and where it places results — are somewhat absurd. The whole point of a search engine is that it provides the best ...

WisBlawg, UW Law LIbrary: Slim Down Bloated Links from Google ...
Slim Down Bloated Links from Google Search Results. Ever tried to copy a link from Google searchresults and ended up something messy looking like this: ...
WisBlawg, UW Law LIbrary

Birthdays at Shows Google's Continued Commitment to
By Thomas Hawk
Not only will you see a list of people when you go to, you will see a list of people whenever you do a basic search on Google in any way period. If you type a search query into the Chrome box, if you use Firefox and type a search ...
Thomas Hawk Digital Connection

The Google Alphabet: An Autocomplete Snapshot From A to Z
By Amy-Mae Elliott
Google Instant search results appear the moment you begin typing a search term. Here's how it ...Take a look through the current Google Instant search results for the U.S., which we have presented without comment in the gallery above.

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