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Wildfire Adds Social to Google's Ad Business

Wildfire Acquisition Finally Adds Social to Google's Ad Business
Ever since it bought the display-ad serving system DoubleClick in 2007, Google has been steadily buying up more pieces of the online ad-buying process beyond its coresearch ads. But it has had one huge hole: social ads. With the rise of advertising on ...


Google Now revisited: One month with Android's new secret weapon
Computerworld (blog)
It's called Google Now, and it's poised to show off the power of what a Google-made platform can do. Google Now uses a combination of search data from your Googleaccount and location data from your Android device to compile info you need, when you...

Computerworld (blog)

Google acquires social ad start-up Wildfire
Chicago Tribune
(Reuters) - Google Inc said on Tuesday it acquired marketing start-up Wildfire to help the world's largest Internet search company expand further into social media. Google paid about $250 million for the business, according to a person familiar with the deal.

All aboard Google Authorship, the digital journalist's SEO companion (blog)
As the wind picks up for Google Authorship's page rank implications, the oft-daunting waters ofsearch engine optimization (SEO) seem poised to get a dash less foreboding for digital journalists. Launched along with Google+ last summer, Google Authorship ...

Bing lets you ask your Facebook friends as you search
Microsoft's Bing search engine gets more social, enabling users to tag their friends. By Sharon Gaudin ... Google made social search deals with Facebook and Twitter late in 2009, but both deals came to an end and were never renewed. Bing, however, still ...

Tag any Facebook friend for Bing Social Sidebar search
CNET (blog)
For my purposes, Bing is different from Google in two important ways. One, Bing ... Here, you will see a Facebook box where you can ask a question on Facebook related to your current Bing query, tag friends, and add links from your search results page.

4 Tips to SEO Your Videos for Google and YouTube
Search Engine Journal
Because videos can boost discoverability and drive consumer engagement, it's important to make sure that people can find your videos when they search online. By applying these four basic videoSEO techniques, you can make your videos search engine ...

Google Launches Handwrite for Mobile & Tablet Search - Tips & Tricks
Search Engine Watch
13 to 17. Learn the latest tools, trends, and strategies in search engine optimization (SEO), paidsearch (PPC), analytics, social media, local, mobile, and much more. Hear presentations from Facebook and LinkedIn and checkout the new SES session formats, ...

Google Targets Social Media Marketing With Wildfire Acquisition
Adding Wildfire will enable Google to offer companies a way to market across a variety of social sites alongside other ad products. The search giant already has its Google Analytics service, which measures traffic to websites, as well as its DoubleClick service ...

Google Maps Now Shows Planned NYC Subway Changes
PC Magazine
Beginning today, Google Maps will display planned service alerts for New York City subways. The alerts will show up when you click on any of the 468 NYC subway stations labeled on Google Maps, or when you use Google's mapping service to search for ...

Google's Wildfire buy to give it Facebook-fighting ammo
With Wildfire now part of Google's portfolio, the search giant can have access to “intelligence” and Facebook's “customer list,” he added. “You're buying a company that's focused on servicing a competitor's product,” he said in an interview. ”You can find out ...

Google Acquires Social-Media Ad Firm Wildfire Interactive
Wall Street Journal
Google's main source of revenue is Web-search ads but it is also a big player in selling ads on mobile devices and display ads, which include graphical ads and video ads. In recent weeks, speculation had mounted that Wildfire, based in Redwood City, Calif., ...

Penguin Watch Announces Google Released Panda 3.9, Draws Speculation On ...
PR Web (press release)
Penguin Watch announced that Google officially released Panda 3.9 and a list of link warnings that were later redacted and have web marketing experts speculating that a new Penguin Update cannot be far behind. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ ... Companies should look to add more tips and advice, eliminate keyword stuffing, focus on semantic search in creating content, and keep proper link-building procedures to avoid negative outcomes. Quote end. Mount Laurel, NJ (PRWEB) July 31, ...

Google's Venice Update: A Push For Local SEO
Business 2 Community
google venice You probably know about Google's Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, but what about the Venice update? A few months ago, Google rolled out Venice, which focused largely on local search. Although it's a bit under the radar, the Venice ...

Business 2 Community

Google Asked for Street View Data by French Privacy Agency
Google, owner of the world's biggest search engine, informed European privacy agencies on July 27 that it still had some of the data, the French authority, known as CNIL, said on its website. The U.K. Information Commissioner's Office said that day it would ...

NBC Olympics Executive's Email Wasn't “Widely Available” In Google
Search Engine Land
Oddly, it didn't bring up the match I found before, even though it should have, but don't get me going about Google searches not operating the way they should. ... Danny also oversees Search Engine Land's SMX: Search Marketing Expo conference series. ..... Executive's Email Wasn't "Widely Available" In Google; Google Explains New Link Warnings, Says Don't Panic But Don't Ignore; Developing Better Search A Key To Facebook's Future; For Olympic Medal Count Info, Yahoo Gets Gold, GoogleSilver & Bing ...

Search Engine Land

Helping Or Hurting: The Debate Over Google+ Local
Search Engine Land
It's a major update from the number-one player in the local search game: 97% of consumers say they research local businesses before making a decision, and Google is still the undisputed king when it comes to local search. .... And so the cycle becomes complete.” That's Google's theory. And by and large, it's a good theory. But on the other hand, Google+ sounded pretty great in theory too, and now it's considered a “virtual ghost town.” The SEO benefits of G+ are pretty awesome, but no one would argue that it's a ...

Search Engine Land

Google Acquires Social Marketer Wildfire
Wildfire will still operate as a marketing tool for brands on Google's competing platforms, including Facebook, putting the search giant in a curious position where it earns money on the success of its rivals. Google bid on buying Buddy Media but lost the deal to ...


Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing Available Online Teaching Google Search ...
PR Web (press release)
The training is delivered by a series of videos that take a person step by step through the exact procedures to use to dominate Google search engine results. Quote end. Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) July 31, 2012. Beginners guide to affiliate marketing is now ...

PR Web (press release)

Google Acquires Wildfire Interactive, a Social-Media Ad Firm
Google is the No. 1 seller of ads online, so Wildfire would fit into its suite of services for advertisers,Google said in a blog post on Tuesday. Wildfire, a four-year-old company with around 350 employees, also helps companies promote themselves through non-paid accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social-media sites. Wildfire's ... Google's main source of revenue is Web-search ads but it is also a big player in selling ads on mobile devices and display ads, which include graphical ads and video ads.

Google's Strict SafeSearch Show Porn & Not Moderate SafeSearch
Search Engine Roundtable
I know computers and algorithms are funny but clearly, when you search for [wank] inGoogle Images and set the SafeSearch filter to moderate, no or little pornographic or nude content is coming up. But when you up the SafeSearch filter to the strict setting,...

Search Engine Roundtable

Google Adds 34-Button Voice-Enabled Scientific Calculator to Search
Search Engine Watch
Google has updated the calculator available on the search page. The new version of the ... 13 to 17. Learn the latest tools, trends, and strategies in search engine optimization (SEO), paid search(PPC), analytics, social media, local, mobile, and much more.

Google SEO: Exact Match Domain Or Not?
Search Engine Roundtable
Google SEO: Exact Match Domain Or Not? Jul 31, 2012 ... Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization · Prev Story ... It does sometimes and often appear thatGoogle likes to rank exact match domain names in the search results - but not always. What do ...

Search Engine Roundtable

Intent, Content & Spamming – Is There A Difference?
Search Engine Land
If we think of our websites as having conversations with search engines, this is how people get into trouble, and why search engines are failing at their job. Search ... For all Google's lip service saying they know how keywords are actually used, and how they use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to decode intent, they miss a dozen spammers who are happily stuffing keywords and cloaking content. ... Before you start screaming obscenities at me (I'm an SEO, not a Spammer!

Search Engine Land

Google Buys Wildfire to Play More in Social Media
Wall Street Journal (blog)
From Efrati: Google is the No. 1 seller of ads online, so Wildfire would fit into its suite of services for advertisers, Google said in a blog post on Tuesday. Wildfire, a four-year-old company with around 350 employees, also helps companies to promote themselves through non-paid accounts on Facebook, Twitter Inc. and Pinterest Inc., and other social media sites. ... He said that giving businesses a “social presence can complement all marketing campaigns—search, display, video, mobile, offline ads and more.” Google ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

iPad vs. Google Nexus 7: 10 Reasons the Apple Tablet Is a Better Buy
As of late, however, Google has made a splash in the mobile market with its Nexus 7 tablet. That device, which starts at just $199, is selling extremely well, and the $249 16GB version is sold out in the search giant's Google Play store. Even more surprisingly ...


Microsoft integrates Facebook tagging into Bing search results
There a lot of things that people all around the world search for daily using a search engine such as Google or Bing that could benefit from more personalized results from offered by friends. For instance, if you're looking for a good Italian restaurant in your city, ...


FTC backs $22.5 million Google settlement over Safari
Google also faces potential sanctions from other governments. It is being investigated by the European Union to determine if the company complies with Europe's stricter privacy laws. The topsearch engine provider is also the subject of a wide-ranging ...

25 Hilarious Google Search Suggestions
By Syed Balkhi
As useful as the Google search autocomplete feature can be, it seems that one of its greatest functions is as a source of comic relief. Because Google stores previous searches made by people from around the world, every time you start typing ...

Google Search's Scientific Calculator - Office of Information ...
By Jessica Latham
Google Scientific Calculator. Need to solve a problem but don't have a calculator? The people over atGoogle have made improvements to make solving math problems easier. Before, googlers could enter any math problem into the search ...
Office of Information Technology Blog

Google releases yet another Panda update which impacts search ...
By Clint Reeves
Google has now published over 500 search improvements to its ranking system in an effort to reward quality content publishers and this trend will continue. Here is a good starter video, which helps lays down the foundations for a good SEO ...
WestHost Official Blog

Bing search lets you tag Facebook friends, forces them to Google ...
By Terrence O'Brien
Bing search lets you tag Facebook friends, forces them to Google 'Bing'. By Terrence O'Brien posted Jul 31st 2012 2:34AM. Bing search lets you tag Facebook friends, forces them to Google 'Bing'. Microsoft has already made its "decision" ...

Google Says Book Search is Fair Use
By Dave
From Publishers Weekly: It's finally here: Google's long anticipated, full-throated fair use defense for its library scanning program. In its motion for Summary Judgment in the Authors Guild vs. Google, filed on July 27, Google attorneys argue that ...

Google's Coolest New Thing: Handwrite for Mobile Search ...
By tstevens
Google's Coolest New Thing: Handwrite for Mobile Search. Filed under. Do you hate typing on your smart phone's screen, missing every few letters and being bedeviled by goofy auto-corrections? Then you're going to LOVE Google Handwrite ...

Google Adds Handwrite for Mobile Search | The AppsLab
By Jake
So, this is interesting; at first, I thought it was April Fools'. Last week, Google introduced Handwrite to make mobile device searches easier. Check out the.
The AppsLab

Power Searching with Google – Part 3 - Once More Around the Bowl ...
By fboss
I should probably have added this post before the last one, but if you want to learn some quick and easy ways to speed up your searching (and that of your students too) using Google, but also when looking for a piece of text in a long, scrolling webpage then look no further ... This means that if you look for “If at first you don't succeed” within quotes, Google will search for al of those words together and you've a much better chance of learning more about it from the results of the search.
Once More Around the Bowl

Google Nexus 7 Google Now video tutorial released
By Chris Smith
It's now time to look at a more interesting Jelly Bean feature, the new Google Now search function that's available on the device. The 60-second video embedded below shows users how Google Now works and why it can be a great app to use ...
Android Authority Helps Webmasters Defy Google's New Penguin ...
These updates, known as “Penguin” and “Panda”, have reordered Google search results, pulling sites that once enjoyed top positions for competitive keywords down. Webmasters have ... Fusion Nexus is a search engine optimization service for webmasters hoping to increase their ranking in the post-penguin and post-panda environment. ... Their innovative link building methods have been getting a lot of attention in the SEO community specifically and across the Internet in general.
SBWire - Latest Press Releases

Google Chases Amazon Into the Cloud : Beyond Search
By Stephen E. Arnold
Is an atmospheric price war coming between Amazon and Google? Could be; Wired Cloudline reports, “Google Builds Out Cloud Platform with Partner Program.” Amazon has been working hard to build up its off-site platform, particularly with ...
Beyond Search

Google's Search Calculator Is Your New Go-To for Quick Arithmetic
You've known for some time that typing 584 + 753 into a Google search will net you an answer from the search engine, but what you may not know is that ...

Handwrite, a new way to search on Google - YouTube
Introducing Handwrite, a fun and easy new way to search Google from your smartphone or ...

Google+ "Share" Link Added To Google Search Results | SEM and ...
Now when you search something in Google and you are signed in, you should see a “share” link when you over Google search outcomes. I am showing you ...

Google Search Shortcuts & Tricks: Tell Me Something, Google
Are you suffering from Siri envy? Google has a remedy for that – from definitions and movie times to the nearest earthquake activity and stock quotes. Use the ...

SEO - Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
SEO - Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. At, we strive to create original and unique how-to documents complete with ...

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