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Google's Chopping Block Plans To Phase Out Products

How Google's Chopping Block Plans To Phase Out Products? Find Out
International Business Times
Search giant Google has announced plans to phase out products that are not fetching expected results and focus on products that are doing well, in order to provide better service for users. Explaining the move to remove products, a company blog post by ...

International Business Times

What Google chould do with their $43 Billion in the bank
According to Google's recent earnings report, the Mountain View search company has $43 billion in cash reserves. I'm no business expert, but that number seems unreasonably high and I think Google should use some of that money. Some have said that ...


Does it Matter That Google Conceded the Podcast Market to Apple?
In a blog post (he he) Google announced it was discontinuing Google Listen, an application it launched in 2009 to search for and play pod casts. Its search function will be disabled after Nov. 1. Google suggested that people consider podcasting applications ...


Job Search Engines: Learning SEO, CMS and SEM Without Returning To College
Jobs & Hire
Sure, you might not be acquainted with everything there is to know about search engine optimization, search engine marketing or control management systems. ... Google will bombard you with millions of websites that can help you answer that question.

Google discontinues a series of “unnecessary̶...
Today's flurry of discontinued services includes Google Listen. For those unrelated to the subject, Google Listen is an Android application that allows users to search for, and listen to podcasts. The app was very clean and simple back then, but now there are ...

Young: New bar on the books for Road 34 owner
The Coloradoan
A simple Google search for “Fort Collins bars” returns more than 6 million results in less than a second. Not that there are that many bars in town — but almost. The little Google map looks like it has a case of chicken pox with all the tiny red dots representing ...

How can I stop Google Chrome from disabling plug-ins?
Q I use the Google Chrome web browser and, a while ago, I noticed Googlehad changed the way Chrome displays PDFs, meaning I could no longer use the navigation pane that I used for browsing through a catalogue of old PDFs. I then found out that it was ...

Google Doodle: London 2012 Javelin
3D Car Shows
This move by the search engine is bound to offer the sport unprecedented exposure. London 2012 Javelin. This is something I like about the way that Googlehave picked there Google Doodles this Olympics; they have given sport like the London 2012 Javelin games incredible exposure which will be good for the sport in years to come. The London 2012 Javelin doodle is so far the “Best London 2012 Olympics” ... Tickets · Airshows · News Event · 3D Photographers · Partner Sites · Proudly powered by Dominate SEO.

3D Car Shows

Google to shut down Apps for Teams, Listen
Hindu Business Line
The search engine firm will also close Google Listen, an application it launched to let people listen to podcasts. Since there are a variety of such applications available at Google Play (the Android applications market place), the company has decided to shut it ...

Hindu Business Line

Google Listen Podcast App Scrapped
However, with Google Play, people now have access to a wider variety of podcast apps, so we've discontinued Listen. People who have already installed the app can still use it, but after November 1, podcast search won't function,” Google stated in its official ...


Google silences Listen
The search-engine provider stated that they work every day to create a more seamless, beautiful user experience, to give its users a better, easier-to-use Google, and therefore they must continually improve the products they offer. You can now explore the ...

London 2012 synchronized swimming gets the latest Google Doodle
Here's the latest Google Doodle for the London 2012 Olympics, please welcome, the synchronized swimming. Apparently, the London 2012 synchronized swimming event will start on August 5, London local time. Clicking the Doodle will initiate a search for ...

Google Listen to be discontinued
Best Syndication
(Best Syndication News) - Google announced that they would be discontinuingGoogle Listen. The service was to help people find and listen to podcasts. Googlesaid that since they launched Google Listen in August 2009, they now have something better ...

Best Syndication

Google Fiber Starting Strong
Only one week was needed for Google Fiber to take off in Kansas City (Kansas and Missouri). 46 designated „fiberhoods“ were qualified for the service as it was reported on the Google Fiber site. A week ago Google's fiber-to-the-home network was ...


Google Acquires Social Media Marketing Firm Wildfire
A social presence can complement all marketing campaigns, including search, display, video, mobile, offline ads and more, Google's product management director, Jason Miller said in a blog post. "Businesses around the world--from neighborhood ...

ITU's global telecoms and IT stats now on Google
The International Telecommunication Union's telecommunication and information and communication technology statistics have been made available through the Google Public Data Explorer (PDE). According to the ITU, "Users can now explore and visualise ...

A Virtual Tour of an Earthly Space Place
Coolest Gadgets
To get your free tour simply log on to Google Maps. Search for Kennedy Space Center. Zoom in on the area. Drag the orange pegman icon onto an area that becomes highlighted in blue. Then you cruise about to view the panoramic images. And keep an eye ...

Not another brick in the wall
Deccan Chronicle
When Dhrupad was seven years old and madly in love with racing cars, he realised he could do a Google search on them if he learned to read and write. So he taught himself from scratch. There were no books or even an instructor, but Dhrupad took to it ...

Now Buy More with Your Phone: Google Upgrades its Wallet
Business 2 Community
Just yesterday, Google announced they are “releasing a new, cloud-based version of the Google Wallet app that supports all credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Now, you can use any card when you shop in-store ...

Business 2 Community

What will Facebook look like in 2022?
The Next Web (blog)
Like Google, Yahoo, and even Amazon, Facebook will have to recast itself as the internet landscape changes. Google started as a better search engine. As the internet grew and exploded in use, Google shifted to providing a bevy of cloud services, trying to ...

The Next Web (blog)

Microsoft Previews New Consumer Webmail Service Called
PCWorld (blog) features what Microsoft describes as "clean" and "intuitive" user interface that gives more prominence to messages and less to other elements, like headers and search boxes. It doesn't include display ads. With Exchange ActiveSync, accounts can be synchronized across a variety of devices, and it features native integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and, in the near future, Microsoft's own Skype. This means that users can access content and notifications from those social ...

London Olympic Games 2012: Google doodles fencing
Hindu Business Line
Google's previous Olympics doodle this year featured one to mark the opening ceremony, one related to archery and another on diving. The search engine major is expected to have one doodle every day featuring the London Olympic Games.

Hindu Business Line

Content Marketing From A to Z: 10 Things Starting with an A
Business 2 Community
Using annotation in your Google Analytics account will really help you understand which SEO and marketing efforts has the best result (and which ones you should stop wasting your time and money on). “Annotations allows any user with access to a Google Analytics profile to leave shared .... In this day and age of search engine optimization and clued-up customers your content should match the needs of your (current and potential) customers. Can you achieve this yourself, or should you start the conversation with ...

Business 2 Community

Social marketing a big deal? Google thinks so, buys Wildfire
Thus, it looks like Google will be using its newly acquired assets for getting a new and fresher look at social marketing, which could influence the development of everything from Google+ to the search and advertising units. Wildfire co-founders Victoria ...

4 Ways to Increase Average Order Value - Search Engine Watch ...
By Bonnie Stefanick
These past two years have brought an increased velocity of aggressive Google algorithm changes, which for many website owners has resulted in a high amount of traffic fluctuations that has reduced the stability of Google organic as a traffic source. Increasing average order value (AOV) is one ... I agree, and would also like to add that recommendations and related content is also a great tool for improving internal linking for SEO. One of the really big takeaways from this article is ...
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