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Apple Maps failure a boon for Mapquest, Microsoft Bing, others

Apple Apology Gives iOS 6 Users a Chance to Find a Better Map App
Microsoft's Bing, which was first on Cook's list, is really a search engine with a mapping function. It's a lot like Google Maps in this respect. Bing Maps is up to date with current changes to the highways around Washington, DC accurately reflected ...


Apple Maps failure a boon for Mapquest, Microsoft Bing, others
Apple Inc.'s map-software shortcomings — though vexing for many iPhone owners — have been a boon for makers of competing mobile-navigation tools. AOL Inc.'s MapQuest leaped into the top 20 on Apple's App Store, while start-up Waze Inc. said its ...

Search Engine Optimization Tips
I want to know more about Search Engine Optimization and how customers can easily find my business on Google? Generating traffic to your website is important for any online business, andSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to optimise your ...

Real Estate Content Strategy: SEO And Your Blog
Small Business Trends
I'm imagining an argument about SEO (search engine optimization) developing. The fact is, there are some copywriters who want to stuff their blog posts and static website pages with every keyword imaginable, over, and over, and over. Then, there are ...

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Try a different search engine for genealogy
Danville Commercial News
Google is a search engine that is most helpful for anyone wishing to perform a standard search. (Go to and perform a search, preferably with quotation marks around words to be searched as a unit. For example, type “Vermilion ...

Backlinks the Key to Maximizing Your Search Engine Placement
Your backlinks, and how to build them is the key to your search engine ranking. Seo Mso is ... It's a pretty democratic way of deciding who is going to be on top and who won't,” said Matthew Farrell, CEO of SEO Marketing Services Online,

Social Media is Slowing Search Engine Traffic Growth
“I expect this was just a small bump in Google's road to continued traffic and search enginedominance. While social media is great at connecting people I don't see a point of time where search engines would become obsolete.” Said Mr Junghenn.

SEO Services Alert: Internet Marketing Blueprint Unveiled at '12 AAJ Winter Meet
Justice News Flash
This tool provides a complete understanding of the level of investment a search engine optimization campaign will require before committing significant resources to SEO for lawyers. Cepac's Smart News Technology creates leading edge newsrooms branded ...

Iran reportedly plans to ditch Google, Gmail for own services
Fox News
Hakim Javadi said authorities are discussing lifting the ban on Gmail imposed by an Iranian court in response to the posting of the film on YouTube, which is owned by Google. Google's search engine service is still available. Tehran has long promised ...

Internet to get porn search engine - Michelle Quinn -
Porn will now have its own search engine on the Internet — and there's nothing the U.S. government can do about it. ICM Registry, which runs .xxx, will launch ...

SEO Results - How Long Do They Take?
Search Engine Optimization or SEO strategies are notoriously a long term procedure. There's no quick fix that brings results over night and there's nothing you can just put in place and expect to run without updates. SEO is all about researching the ...

Microsoft gets some Klout with new alliance
'I am proud to announce that Microsoft has made a strategic investment in Klout and that we have signed a multi-year agreement where Bing will become one of Klout's most significant partners'.Bing has been interested in the growth of the social web ...

10 Crowdfunding Tips for Your New Product, Cause, or Creative Project
Search Engine Watch
With so many ways to reach, engage and convert people on the web, you need a variety of content including positioning, SEO, photographs, email marketing campaigns, blog posts, elevator pitches, offers, etc. Video is a proven, low-cost way to create ...

Google's search leads to us
Irish Independent
FOR Robert Harris fans, a trip to Google's new data centre in Dublin can seem a like a real life trip into his novel, 'The Fear Index'. The centre, however, is a lot more benign than the Vixal-4 system that Harris wrote about. Instead of algorithmic ...

Bing Spikes on iOS Following Maps Meltdown
By Alex Wilhelm
Key to all of this is that Bing for iOS has received but little recent promotion, post iOS 6 mess, until today. Yes, TNW pointed out its chance to make inroads, and yes, the Bing team put out a mildly worded blog post, but those notes reached few ...
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Search.XXX: ICM Launches Porn Search Engine
By Dan Evon
The new .xxx domain went live earlier this year and now there's a search engine to help you browse through all of its naughty sites. The porn search engine specifically combs through .xxx domains in order to make browsing adult ...
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