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Iran Restores Access to Google Search

Report: Iran Restores Access to Gmail, Google Search
PC Magazine
Iran has reportedly restored access to Google Search and Gmail, following a week of limited access that was implemented in response to an anti-Islam film posted to YouTube. The country's telecommunications ministry committee said the Gmail block was ...

5 ways to hurt your SEO results
Crain's Chicago Business (blog)
Despite all the books and articles on how to improve your search-engine optimization (SEO), people still make a lot of missteps. In fact, if you're trying to boost your SEO results, you may be doing things that are actually causing more harm than if ...

Using SEO to Get Inside Your Customer's Head
In their book, The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, 3rd Edition, authors Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd lay out the fundamentals of Google's pay-per-click advertising system and detail how businesses can build campaigns to increase search engine ...


Majestic SEO Offers Massive Freebie
Search Engine Journal
The UK-based SEO firm has spent years mapping links between websites, and its index is the largest Link Intelligence map in the world. Now, Majestic SEO is offering the Majestic Million CSV free to anyone interested in downloading the massive file ...

Find Better Recipes Faster with New Culinary Search Engine, KitchenPC
Sacramento Bee
REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 1, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Still using Google to find recipes online? KitchenPC has just launched a new search engine, geared explicitly towards cooks. KitchenPC crawls several of the major recipe sites and blogs across the ...

How An iOS 6 Change Makes It Seem Like Google Traffic From Safari Has ...
Search Engine Land
A change in iOS 6 made by Apple and not anticipated by Google means that for the past week or so — and likely for some weeks to come — those reaching web sites from Google's search engine after doing searches from within Safari will be counted as ...

Search Engine Land

Microsoft Previews New Touch-Friendly MSN And Bing For Windows 8
Microsoft also offered a preview of new Bing apps for search, news, and travel. Again, there was a new layout, and you could snap content to reference later. And yes, space is saved for big, glossy ads. Qi Lu, Microsoft's president of online services ...


Why Paid Search for B2B Companies is Dead (or Dying)
Search Engine Watch
How many times have we seen the famous “SEO is Dead” title? A quick Google search for the term yields results less than one-week-old showing that people are still trying to claim that SEO is dead, or not dead, or they don't really know, whatever. So ...

Time to toss these 10 SEO myths - Holy Kaw!
There are plenty of claims being made about the state of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media, but the time has come to separate the wheat from the chaff so you can get down to business. Steve Plunkett of SocialFresh has ...
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Google EMD Update - Search Engine Roundtable
By (Barry Schwartz)
I saw an uptick in SEO chatter in the WebmasterWorld thread but I really didn't think it was Panda or Penguin related, which it wasn't, so I decided to wait it out and see what I could find out over the weekend. It was this .... But google is just thinking like a machine, not because my traffic went down or i hate google animal , but i really think that instead of quality now google search engine is serving crap , at least in my country , india. ... Time to change your homepage to yahoo and bing.
Search Engine Roundtable

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