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Google Search Quality Team Renamed Google Knowledge Team

Google's Search Quality Team Renamed Google Knowledge Team
Search Engine Roundtable
A WebmasterWorld thread cites recent Search Engine Watch story that says that Google's Matt Cutts said his team, formerly known as the Search Quality Team, has been renamed to the Google Knowledge Team. He said this in his opening keynote a month ...

Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Blekko Brings Human Evaluation to Search Results
The major search engines in the U.S. relied on social cues to rank the relevance of their results, but it had become too easy to game the system and use search engine optimization techniques to get a better ranking. “There's an entire industry to ...

Google Launches A New Google Search Appliance
Google Launches A New Google Search Appliance. Google Search Appliance has been around for about a decade, and today, the box has received a new update with version 7.0. This version adds universal search, refined relevance signals and some other ...

Winning Friends, Influencing People: 71% of SEOs Report More Company Buy-In
Search Engine Watch
In a joint study recently completed with Search Engine Watch and presented at Conductor's C3 conference, 616 Search Engine Watch readers were surveyed about the state of the SEO industry. Our primary goal was to gauge the extent to which SEO is ...

45 SEO APIs: Google AdSense, Alexa and Yahoo Site Explorer
By Wendell Santos
Raven Tools API: Search engine optimization services. Regator Semantic API: Content aggregator and analysis service. Scribe API: SEO improvement service. SEO Engine API: SEO improvement and implementation service. SEO metrics API: ...

Google Penguin Update: This Person Has A “Huge Recovery” Story ...
By Chris Crum
Additionally, Fontenot has been talking about the recovery in the Cre8asite forums (via Search Engine Roundtable). There, she writes, “Long story short, they needed to get rid of excessive footer backlinks, links that looked like paid backlinks ...
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Microsoft DMCA Asked Google to Delete Bing Links, So It Did
By Emil Protalinski
The first is for Windows 7 Ultimate and the second is for Microsoft Office 2010, but both ask Google to remove the same Bing link: a video titled “Microsoft Office 2010 Activation Serial Keygen Download Free” (I'm not including the link to it for ...
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Facebook SEO and BeastRank: 12 Potential Ranking Factors for the ...
By Glenn Gabe
But, until Facebook launches a serious search engine, SEOs will continue executing, analyzing, and refining their efforts based on a number of SEO ranking factors related to websites, webpages, links, on-page optimization, domain authority, etc . Sure, Google and Bing continually update their algorithms, but we know that on-page optimization is important, building high-quality links is important, pumping out high-quality and unique content is important, etc. So, what happens if a big...
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Could Bad SEO Bring Down Your Business? | Copyblogger
By Sonia Simone
Owners of small businesses never wanted to become search engine experts. Most of us don't. SEOlooks complicated, it changes all the time, and from the outside it kind of seems like rocket science. But if we want traffic from search engines, ...

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