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New Google Search App Stuck Behind Apple's Doors

Still Stuck Behind Apple's Doors: The New Google Search App
Search Engine Land
Two months ago, Google previewed a new Google Search app that it said would be coming to iOS, bringing with it what seemed a blend of Siri and Google Now-like features. Despite being submitted to the Apple App Store back then, Apple's still not ...

Bing maps reveal CIA training facility in the lead-up to bin Laden's death
Washington Post (blog)
The team of elite Navy SEALs who hunted down and killed Osama bin Laden last year stormed his Pakistani compound for 15 minutes, shooting his son and two associates before killing the al-Qaeda leader. According to “No Easy Day,” an account of the raid ...

Microsoft Bing: Joining The Mob To Throw Stones At Google
Seeking Alpha
(More...) With Microsoft's (MSFT) new ad campaign for Bing, and the amount of money they spend on their search engine, you would think that the company was reeling in huge revenues from it. Instead, Bing has been a multi-billion dollar bleed for Microsoft.

Beware! Bing most 'poisonous' search engine
Hindustan Times
If you're using Bing to search for the latest celebrity gossip or embarrassing paparazzi images, beware. According to new research from SophosLabs, Microsoft's search engine is the most poisonous. Also known as Blackhat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ...

Hindustan Times

Bing leads Google in spam, malware search results, report says
"Taking data from the last couple of weeks for search engine redirects blocked on our Web appliance, it is clear that the majority of the redirects are affecting those using the Bing search engine," Howard wrote. Microsoft, asked for comment by NBC ...

Windows 8 App Update: Bing
Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
Microsoft recently confirmed that it would be updating many of the built-in apps in Windows 8 between the release to manufacturing (RTM) of the OS and its general availability on October 26. Here's a peek at the changes the firm just made to its Metro...

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

Google Updates Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm
Search Engine Watch
Search Engine Watch. SEO News. Search. Industry · SEO · PPC · Analytics · Social · Local · Mobile · Video · Companies · Technology · miller-miranda .... in Beta · Top 10 High Impact Google AdWords Innovations to Watch Now · Inside Google Search Updates ...

Could Google's Penguin kill the franchise? | Webdesigner Depot
By bmoss
Creep up behind the nearest SEO specialist and whisper Penguin! in their ear. Now watch as they cough, splutter and ... As a rule, search engine optimization isn't a speedy art; like steering an oil tanker, you make minor adjustments and see where you are in a week. So in August, once the dust had settled ... Whilst the demise of Google's search seems unlikely to say the least, for the time-being we're all left standing on ground about as solid as a glacier. And you've heard of global ...
Webdesigner Depot

It's "Top Heavy 2" As Google Rolls Out Update To Its Page Layout ...
By Matt McGee
Another week, another update to part of Google's search algorithm. This time, Google announced a refresh of ... Danny also oversees Search Engine Land's SMX: Search Marketing Expo conference series. He maintains a personal blog called ...
Search Engine Land: News & Info...

Scribe 4.0: Way Beyond SEO | Copyblogger
By Brian Clark
If you've read my new content marketing ebook that we released this week, you know we consider targeted search engine traffic the most valuable site visitors you can get when it comes to meeting business objectives. Here's the thing … those great search rankings are a ... to gently tweak it for better search engine rankings. Scribe also analyzes your overall site content to help you execute on your go-forward content strategy, which has become vital since the Google Panda update.

Old School Marketing is Next Generation SEO
By PeterD
Rationale Of SEO. The rationale of search engine optimization is simple. If we can work out what factors the search engine algorithms favor, we can do more of it. Our reward will be a high ranking, meaning more people can find us, which ...

Did Bing Satellite Map Reveal a Secret SEAL - The Blaze
By Liz Klimas
Before the Navy's SEAL Team 6 raided a compound in Pakistan where they found and killed Osama Bin Laden, they trained for the mission. Their U.S.-based training facility has never been seen before, but thanks to satellite imagery and ... - Stories

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