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Get Ranked for all Your Niche Keywords

How to Get Ranked for all Your Niche's Keywords
Search Engine Journal
Starting with Panda 3.3 and continuing with Panda 3.4 and Google Penguin, that “Golden Age” ofSEO has disappeared, and new-age SEO link building has changed dramatically as a result. But regardless of what era of SEO we find ourselves in, businesses ...

SEO Clients Sometimes Don't Implement My SEO Recommendations!
Search Engine Journal
After being in the SEO industry for 13 years, I am still always amazed when a site owner chooses to completely disregard my on-site SEO recommendations. I can understand that some changes might not be possible—maybe the way your website was built ...

Search Engine Journal

Google search reveals true identity of suspect in Navy charity scam
Google search reveals true identity of suspect in Navy charity scam. By Alan Duke, CNN. updated 4:56 PM EDT, Mon October 1, 2012. STORY HIGHLIGHTS. "Bobby Thompson" is John Donald Cody, a fugitive Arizona lawyer, officials say; Cody, now 65, ...

Apple shuts down Chomp app search engine following iOS 6 integration
Apple Insider
Following the September rollout of iOS 6, which includes the built-in Chomp-based App Store, Apple decided to kill off the app search engine altogether, evidenced by messages received by users saying saying the service has been discontinued as of Sept.

Apple Insider

Try Auditing Your Trust Anchors To Succeed Globally With Digital Marketing
Search Engine Land
Almost anyone who specialises in international SEO or SEM will tell you that within a few years, it becomes pretty obvious that most marketers' problems have little to do with SEO or SEM techniques and are much more to do with brands cutting corners in...

Search Engine Land

Decision 2012: Should Your B2B Firm Choose SEO or PPC?
Business 2 Community
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the practice of using on-page optimization, website content, link-building, and social media to make a website rank higher in the Search Engines. The ultimate goal is to have a website appear in the top 3...

Business 2 Community

How To Get Links When Your Goal Isn't To Get Links
Search Engine Land
Link building is, and will continue to become, a vastly different industry, but I can't imagine SEO where links don't matter. I always see them as being one of the most important factors in search engine rankings. You just need to learn to change your ...

Search Engine Land

Infographic: The Death Of SEO, Failed Predictions Over The Years
Search Engine Land
The infographic is from SEO Book and is interesting in that rather than taking a timeline approach, it instead shows examples of various types of people who've declared thatSEO is dead and why they are, as the infographic puts it, “deluded.” The ...

Search Engine Land

Bing for iPhone Spikes Higher
By Alex Wilhelm
If this translates to much in the long-term is anyone's guess, but Bing is certainly benefiting – even if briefly – to a great deal more interest than it usually enjoys on Apple's platform. The real test will be ifBing can hold onto its new users once ...
The Next Web

7 Tips to Start Making Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn - Search ...
By Ashley Zeckman
Get inspired with a Keynote from Avinash Kaushik, Google's Digital Marketing Evangelist; Connect, share and get an in-depth education on SEO, PPC, social, analytics, mobile, and much more from the industry's leading practitioners; Explore evolving trends, opportunities and evolving technologies in digital marketing. Be a part of the community, receive an unparalleled education, network ... Twitter Ad Revenue Play: Now Allowing More Search Engine Indexing. September 27, 2012 ...
Search Engine Watch

Deep Zoom imagery coming to Bing Home Page? |
By Kip Kniskern
bing deep zoom 1 Today, Microsoft announced TypeScript, an open source “superset” of JavaScript, and introduced a Channel 9 video featuring Anders Hejlsberg introducing the new language, but in the process introducing maybe a bit more ...

How to display Google AdSense ads to search engine traffic only?
By Garry
Here's the code I currently use and it seems to work okay, but I want to also improve the code to include many other search engines in addition to Google such as Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc.. Would someone mind looking at the code below and ...
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