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Straight from Google itself, straight talk about Google Search misconceptions (no matter what a SEO tells you)-- misconceptions (Text): ". . . . 1. You cannot buy a better ranking The first and most common misconception is that you can buy your way up in the organic search rankings. . . . 2. A Google service logo on a site does not mean Google has vetted it One thing you'll sometimes see on a website is a little Google logo that allows you to +1 a site, or a Google Custom Search box. . . Sometimes websites will use that tool as a way to index their own sites so that you can search the contents of their site from the front page of that site. . . .  Google is providing this as a tool for people to use, not vetting the content of that web page. 3. Google ads on a page does not mean Google has vetted it The same sort of argument also holds for Google ads. (Google does) advertising on websites as part of (its) business. It is an important part of (Google's) business, but it is also important to not misconstrue that Google placing an ad on a site is the same as Google vetting that site. . . . 4. Rank is not equivalent to authority . . . the sequence of results on the search results page, is not the same as an opinion on authority. It is not the same as saying something is credible. So it is important to keep these two concepts straight. Authority, credibility, and rank order—they are really somewhat different ideas . 
. "

Yahoo Bing Still Beating Google Ad Click Rate In Q3
Investor's Business Daily
The partnership between Yahoo (YHOO) and Microsoft's (MSFT) Bing last quarter beat the worldwide average with a 1.61% click-through rate in the U.S., better than the 1.25% rate for Google's (GOOG) ads. Yahoo and Bing's U.S. rate in Q3 was up 36.4% ...

How Different Languages Can Help in SEO
Search Engine Journal
Whereas, all languages make up 351 million users worldwide, and the users (other than English) are continuously rising. You should consider using the different languages thought for SEO and branding that some might be missing (where few companies are ...

Google Panda & Penguin: A New Way for SEOs to Measure True Impact
Search Engine Watch
Clay Cazier, senior director of SEO Strategy with PM Digital, offers a methodology for measuring the aggregate downstream impact of what he calls the Google Zoo, though he admits it isn't yet perfect. “I'm not a statistician, so I'm sure there are ...

Apple, Bing Maps Reveal Secret Sites
A top-secret base in Taiwan, revealed on Apple Maps. The Navy SEALs' rehearsal site for the Osama bin Laden raid, found on Bing. Once again, commercial satellites have snapped images of things that governments would rather hide from public view.


Google Search Sees Streamlined UI, Google+ Updated For iOS And Android
Mobile & Apps
Services shown in the drawer include a user's Google Plus profile, YouTube, andGoogle Search. Google Maps is also included, perhaps needed for iOS users not content with Maps for iOS 6. Links to a user's Google Plus profile, a drop-down notification ...

Mobile & Apps

Bing Ads Intros Sitelinks Extensions, Tweaks Preview Tool
Search Engine Land
After several months of beta testing, Bing Ads is releasing Sitelink Extensions to all advertisers in the U.S. It's now available through the Bing Ads web interface, the desktop editor and through the API, under “ad extensions” under the Campaign tab.

Search Engine Land

Paul Ryan Beats Joe Biden in Google Search
By Alex Fitzpatrick
Google search traffic for Paul Ryan's eclipsing that for his opponent Joe Biden.
Mashable » US & World

Set up a Google Custom Search Engine for your website ...
By Ryan Boudreaux
Google Custom Search Engine allows web developers to build a tailored search experience using the core Google search technology, and it allows you to prioritize or restrict search results based on settings that you specify from a control ...
Web Designer Blog | TechRepublic

Facebook Privacy Settings Easily Exploited | Search Engine Journal
By Michelle Stinson Ross
Search Engine Journal “SEJ” helps companies improve their interactive marketing, and helps marketers to succeed in a challenging career. Launched in 2003, SEJ is unique in its community-based approach to search marketing. Virtually all ...
Search Engine Journal

1000000 pages below: A search engine that plumbs - Financial Post
Entrepreneur Sanjay Arora founded a search engine that offers a sort of inverse to Google by removing the top-ranked sites from results, giving users a glimpse at the Net's underbelly. ... for different ways to search the Web could have concerns over Google's privacy practices, he said. Or they could be looking for something outside of its proprietary search algorithms or trying to avoid results that prominently feature sites using finely honed search engine optimization (SEO) skills.
FP Top Stories List

Google Enterprise Search - relevant, easy search for intranets and ...
The Google Search Appliance incorporates the machine learning algorithms that have been tuned with the billions of daily queries on, delivering the ...

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