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Google Panda Update 20 Released

Google Panda Update 20 Released, 2.4% Of English Queries Impacted
Search Engine Land
Google Panda Update 20 Released, 2.4% Of English Queries Impacted. Oct 3, 2012 at 3:33pm ET by Barry ... About The Author: Barry Schwartz is Search Engine Land's News Editor and owns RustyBrick, a NY based web consulting firm. He also runsSearch ...
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Inside Google Search Updates
Search Engine Watch
There have literally been hundreds of articles and blog posts written about Google's Panda updates alone. Yet when analyzing Google's pervasive search quality highlight posts on its official Inside Search blog, algorithmic tweaks for Panda and Penguin ...

Instagram search engine Worldcam proves peril of platform dependence
photo: Orla via shutterstock. A couple of days ago, two Swedish ad creatives called Per Stenius and Oskar Sundberg launched a new service called Worldcam, which acts as a geographical search engine for Instagram, using Foursquare for the location data.


Strengthening Internal Relationships between SEO and Other Corporate ...
Search Engine Journal
... happen to have a passing familiarity with SEO (or the team's mission is explicitly stated by upper management), SEO workers are often subject to confusion or even suspicion by colleagues who don't understand the purpose of search engine optimization.

Bing is One Step Behind Google in Suicide Prevention
Google, Yahoo and have all taken measures to ensure that their users searching for a method to commit suicide are met with as much resistance as a search engine can provide. When someone attempts to conduct a web search on Google, Yahoo or ...

App search engine Chomp shuts down, but is Apple cracking down on app ...
This should come as no surprise to anyone following the saga of Chomp, the app search engineApple acquired some time ago. It has now ceased operations as an independent app. Apple appears to have integrated Chomp's technology in the latest major ...

Steve Jobs wanted to scrap Google Search from iPhones
Times of India
Apple has been panned across the world for its new Maps application, which has been riddled with errors. Company CEO Tim Cook recently issued a public apology over the Maps fiasco and even went to recommend rivals map applications like Google and ...

SEOs Discuss The Next Generation Of SEO
Search Engine Roundtable
He named the thread, next generation SEO. He said because of all the Google updates, he and the member base at WebmasterWorld wants to "talk strategies and next generation SEO so we can battle back and fight another day." This is how Tedster kicked it ...

Search Engine Roundtable

SEO 101 - Search Engine Watch
By Kristine Schachinger
Yet why is there so much confusion about search engine optimization? ... You are an unethical SEO. Period. Don't confuse the two. Hats are simply a tactic. Color is the purity of the tactic according to how close you are to the webmaster guidelines of the search engine you have chosen as your police officer. ... If Bing is your police officer, something such as buying Facebook likes would be black hat..... Hit by Google Penguin? An In-House SEO Crisis Management Plan. May 4, 2012 ...
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Google: By The Way, A Panda Update Is Rolling Out Alongside The ...
By Chris Crum
Search Engine Land reports that Google released a Panda algorithm update (not a data refresh, but an actual update) on Thursday, and that it impacts 2.4% of English search queries (and is still rolling out). That's significantly larger than the ...
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Microsoft Releases Bing Maps SDKs For Windows Store Apps
By Harrison Weber
As the Windows 8 launch nears, Microsoft has today announced the release of its Bing Maps SDKs for Windows Store Apps.
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U.S. Senator Gives SEO Another Black Eye - Search Engine ...
By (Barry Schwartz)
When does it become politically incorrect to associate SEO with scams and spam? Why can't they use a different job classification to talk about spammy SEO? Why not call it search spam tactics? By call it search engine optimization tactics?
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