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Why the Facebook Search Engine Will Not Be Anything Like Google

Why Facebook's Search Engine Won't Be Anything Like Google's
Technology Review
Yet, while Larry and Sergey are probably watching closely, the technology and data at Facebook's disposal suggest the company will most likely create something fundamentally different from Google's search service. Facebook lacks the comprehensive index ...

Technology Review

Bing claims 2-to-1 victory over Google in blind search engine 'taste test'
Almost a month in the Bing It On campaign comparing Google and Bing search results, Microsoft said more than 5 million people took on the challenge, with early results indicating a majority of people preferred Bing's results. The results showing people ...

Steve Jobs Wanted Google Search Eradicated from iOS
Steve Jobs Wanted Google Search Eradicated from iOS Bloomberg Businessweek's analytical dissection of Apple post-iPhone 5 launch is mostly full of things we already knew: Tim Cook is different than Steve Jobs. Apple is still doing really, really, ...

Scavado: The Search Engine For Recruiters
Business Insider
Come Recommended is a content agency specializing in careers, recruiting, and human resources. We're led by Heather R. Huhman, a widely-recognized thought leader and expert in the careers space with a decade of experience as a hiring manager.

It's SEO Budget Planning Season
And while it's not as typical on the SEO side, it's increasingly becoming expected, especially as SEO continues to be treated as another marketing channel and less as an IT effort. The challenge on the SEO side is that there's less concrete information ...

Bing: 33 Percent Of Google Users Will Use Bing More After 'Bing It On' Challenge
Search Engine Land
Additionally, of people who identified Google as their primary search engine, 33% said they would use Bing more often after taking the Challenge and 17% who found Bing more favorable after taking the side-by-side comparison said it revealed flaws in ...

SEO.CO.UK Officially Leads The UK In Providing Enterprise Level SEO Services
Topseos rankings detail the very best search engine marketing companies in the UK - the top-spot for Enterprise SEO having just been consistently held by During its eight years in the business, Topseos has evolved and refined its methods to ...

Google Search Reveals True Identity Of Suspect In Navy Charity Scam
Google Search Reveals True Identity Of Suspect In Navy Charity Scam. Posted on: 11:41 am, October 2, 2012, by Staff Writer. John Donald Cody. (CNN) — A bored U.S. marshal using Google connected an alleged scam artist arrested this year under an alias ...

Apple's app search engine goes dark, Chomp joins Ping in - Engadget
By Alexis Santos
Ping wasn't the only Apple service to go offline at the tail end of September. Chomp, an app search engine purchased by Cook and Co. earlier this year,

Bing Claims Victory in Blind Taste Test
By Alex Wilhelm
Finally, of Google users, one sixth of those who found Bing superior in the tests, said that it showed cracks in Google's offerings. Now, what can we make of all this data? It simply states what is true:Bing is a capable search engine that is ...
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Steve Jobs Wanted To Drop Google Search From The iPhone ...
By Jay Yarow
He realized consumers would hate it, so it never happened.
Business Insider

Bing: We Aren't Keeping Track Of The Results From The Bing It On ...
By Chris Crum
“We aren't keeping track of the results from the Bing It On tool, because it's non-scientific and was intended to be a fun way for customers to experiment with both search engines, seeing web search results side-by-side from both Bing and Google , hopefully ... Last month, Bing launched the Bing It On Challenge, a campaign and website where people can do a "blind taste test" comparison ofGoogle's search results compared to Bing. ... Square Launches A Search Engine For Merchants ...
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